Flagship Studios Halts Development on Mythos

Flagship Studios, the developer that insists that they are still in business even though they have zero cash flow, has halted all development on their free MMORPG "Mythos". Possibly because developing free games isn't economically viable when you're broke.

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Montrealien3743d ago

I was really waiting for this one, let`s hope it gets back up and running soon... :S

jay23743d ago

Pretty obous that was coming.

Le-mo3743d ago

Halt? Cancelled seems more like it.

NDN_Shadow3743d ago

Mythos should have been Hellgate, it actually looked a lot better.

Baka-akaB3743d ago

who needs mythos anyway with diablo 3 ... too much focus on the wrong product (hellgate) and too little to late (d3 coming soon/someday)

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