Sony bashers will eat their words in 2007

Based on reports of what's circulating through the blogosphere, video consumers are mighty dissatisfied with Blu-ray and gamers are unhappy that PS3 has upped the price of the console by including Blu-ray. Then of course, there's all of those stories about how Sony couldn't meet its production targets. In 2007, when PS3 stocks are plentiful, they'll eat their words.

The few hundred thousand of console units Sony has brought to market in the US and Japan so far have sold out within minutes. The Japanese games market leader believes it will starting biting huge chunks out of the new generation consoles market once it is able to get sufficient supplies into stores.

Meanwhile, an under reported fact is that the biggest selling console on the market last month was not the Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 but the PS2...

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Maddens Raiders5948d ago

the Aussies are so civilized. Hard to imagine some used to call it Devil's Island. lol

EnforcerOfTheTruth5948d ago

On a sidenote, it's so funny PS2 outsells everything. If the brand Sony would have some many problems and such a bad reputation, the PS2 would never be as successful. It doesn't have anything to do with it beeing cheaper, Xbox and Gamecube are even more cheap, but both consoles are selling a $hit. It looks like the haters are exaggerating it and it's not what the main public and average consumer thinks. As I said PS2 proves that and just wait for Sony to ship enough consoles. Die crooked MS with your pathetic fanboys, but please Sony, don't kill the nice Wii with it's civilised fans.

MicroGamer5945d ago (Edited 5945d ago )

the PS2 continues to sell is because of the price and because it got most of the support last generation because it was on the market a year longer than everyone else. The reason MS couldn't lower the price of the XBox and keep it in production to compete at the end of the last generation was because it was made of off the shelf components made by others and MS had no control over prices of parts. They stated that it was impossible to drop the price on the XBox below $149.99 without losing too much money so they focused on the next gen instead. They have more components in the 360 that they have a greater degree of control over in terms of pricing that they can use this time that they couldn't last time. They are in the spot that Sony was in last time. First to market with greater control over component prices. Even though Blu Ray is a proprietary Sony thing, the cost to manufacture it is too high. The cost of the Cell chip and the XDR Ram is also high. So now we see a reversal of the last generation. MS is in the position of being able to contain their costs, while Sony's costs remain sky high. MS was also able to gather developer support sooner, which was another advantage that PS2 had last time. Face it, Sony has an uphill battle ahead of them to catch up to 360 in this generation.

ironwolf5948d ago

Best buy now has HD DVD players (Toshiba I think) for $399. Their prices are falling faster than Blu-Ray's.

Anerythristic265948d ago (Edited 5948d ago )

This is like a feel good , "keep your chin up kid" article for the as Enforcer of His Delusions would say "pathetic" Sony Fanboys. Don't worry guys " The sun will come out tomorrow."
It's pretty much over , though. Keep on dreaming though. At least you have those.

Edit: I am enthralled with this article. It is like the author is putting his arm around te battered PS fans and letting them know it will be OK. I like how he tries to make a point that 160'000 consoles sold in a day in a nation with a population of 300,000,000 and that means doom for all naysayers.

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The story is too old to be commented.