'Resident Evil 5' Producer Comments on horror, chainsaws & race

Multiplayer got a chance to step inside Capcom's E3 booth for an early look at "Resident Evil 5" and a chat with the game's producer Jun Takeuchi. With the help of a translator, multiplayer & Takeuchi talked about the game, its controls, whether he owns a chainsaw, exploding barrels and race. Why'd multiplayer bring that last topic up? Because Multiplayer blog has played a big role in the discussions about "RE5? and race. Multiplayer wanted to bring things full circle. Takeuchi was certainly up for it.

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name3739d ago

According to interview it seems they've had similar experiences with the race issue in japan. I wonder what in the past resident evil games offended japanese audiences?

Ricdog3739d ago

I really didnt like RE4, I dont even consider it a part of the franchise. RE4 wasent even scary, it was just a run and gun shooter rather than a survivor horror game. And it looks like RE5 will be the same.

Shaka2K63739d ago

Not impressed by crapcom.