Destructoid E3 08: Crushing rocks, melting gold on the go with Super Stardust Portable

Destructoid writes: "If you've passed on Sony's PlayStation 3 "answer" to Geometry Wars, Super Stardust HD, you're doing yourself a great disservice. Not only is it an arguable better game than Bizarre Creation's twin-stick Xbox LIVE Arcade shooter, but it's the PS3 title to award trophies, and your street-cred is in jeopardy if your trophy score is still "zero."
Whatever your excuses for not playing it are, they're dwindling. At this year's E3, Sony announced that a portable version of the title, cleverly titled Super Stardust Portable, will be coming to the PlayStation Portable this year. Following the game's announcement, we tracked down a playable version of the game in Sony's private lounge and were surprised to find that, yup, it's Super Stardust ... portable."

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