Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Renders Show Awesome Expansion Gear; E3 Events Announced

If you want to catch a glimpse on some of the spiffy equipment that will be introduced with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s expansion Heavensward, Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida shown some rather awesome renders yesterday during the latest live broadcast.

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ThanatosDMC1304d ago

It'll be great if they could update the graphics even more.... so we'll have sexier Lalafels. Lol.

il-JumperMT1304d ago

Heavensward comes with DX10, so better graphics too.

Abriael1304d ago

DX11. Difference is pretty subtle, tho.

Eiyuuou1304d ago

I hope PS4 gets a similar upgrade.

Bigusdicus1302d ago

Heavensward come with DX11 not DX10 lol