Xbox 360 has and always has had DVD upscaling

Mwgamer writes
"Today I went over to several websites, reporting that a new Xbox 360 60gb is on its way. but that is not the big story. The sites were boasting that this Xbox has DVD upscaling . So, I am like….uh .. it has always been able to do this. Then I was looking through the forums and saw tons of fan boys chalking one up for their respective system. Well Sit back down fan boys, time to be schooled, and I'm the one hosting the clinic."

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Ps3Fanboy7773741d ago

I remember fanboys saying "its a gaming console we dont want movies".. LOL.. I love it.

Just another thing that shows Sony made the right move. Then again why upscale when you can watch it on Blu Ray or in 360 case HD DVD.. lol.

phoenixtilt3741d ago

to be honest I think watching movies on a gaming system is GHETTO.
I guess its kinda ok to do it with the ps3 cause Its the cheapest blu-ray player around (that is not a shot at PS3), but watching DVDs on a video game system = ghetto

Zeevious3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

The 360 always did this.

Even if your 360 didn't upscale, your TV does.

It's actually almost impossible to find anything made in the last 2-3 years without an upscaler.

I'm sure they can't be counting a different output source or scaling resolution.
Maybe what they are talking about is improvements to the scaling quality? That can vary, but generally if you have a flatscreen over 40 inches it's got a great scaler built in, if it's smaller you don't need one.

Either way you're set.