VideoGameTalk Review: NASCAR 09

Todd Douglass Jr reports:

''Racing fans who own a PlayStation 3 have a lot to happy about due to some releases over the past couple of months. For starters Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has landed on the console so naturally grease monkeys have already broken out their driving gloves. Now a couple months later NASCAR 09 has hit store shelves. This annual follow up from EA Tiburon comes with some new bells and whistles but not quite enough to entice die hard racing fans or lovers of NASCAR.

Each year ever official sport under the sun receives an annual iteration that is supposed to represent the interests of the fan and current movements in the sport. The NASCAR franchise started revving its engines back in 1997 and ever since there have been some steady improvements in the gameplay, graphics, sound, and authenticity. With that in mind there is one thing to consider when looking at this series. Does it appeal more to fans of the sport or gamers on a much broader level? I personally have never had an interest in NASCAR and therefore approach this series from the perspective of a racing game fan. On that level the experience doesn't quite deliver but there are plenty of things here that make the title at least worth taking for a test drive.''

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