Let's Play Portal Pinball on Xbox One

Neil writes "Join us as we show off most of the missions that are available on the Portal Pinball table for Pinball FX2, including the superb Atlas and P-Body team up!"

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oKidUKo1903d ago

It looks like Portal, it's a bit strange and throws up a few wacky ideas. So far so good.

WizzroSupreme1903d ago

Oh, wow! Didn't know that Portal had a ping ball game...I'd sure like a Portal 3 more, though!

optimus1903d ago

pinball fx2 is the only game i have spent the most money on dlc...if you want to call them that...i see them as simply new games (tables)...and i still don't have them all...loved portal (even if i did get stuck and stopped playing it) so i will be picking this one up.

neil3631903d ago

With the amount of tables available, it certainly gets expensive if you want to own all the Zen offerings. This one looks like it should be on the hit list though.