The 80 GB PlayStation 3 Will Have Little Impact on Sales - Thinks Sony lead man

At E3, both Sony and Microsoft announced line-up revamps designed to make their gaming devices more attractive to gamers and increase sales. Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 would get a price reduction for the console version that has a 20 GB hard drive, while a new variant of the device, with a 60 GB hard drive, would be introduced, priced at 349 dollars. Sony, not to be outdone, also announced a new console variant. The 40 GB PlayStation 3 will be withdrawn from production and a new model, with an 80 GB hard drive, will be sold for the same price.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head David Reeves said that the move had been in development for more than eight months at Sony headquarters and that, come August 27, the 80 GB console would be available all over the world, while gamers would be hard pressed to find a 40 GB version anymore. He commented on the issue that "If the 40GB is still there we will add a piece of software or an extra DualShock 3 to it to move it through, and we say good-bye to the 40GB, hello to the 80GB", suggesting that price cuts and promotional deals would be widely available for the old version as the remaining stock is sold.

Interestingly enough, Reeves does not believe that the increase in storage space will make much of a difference in the sales numbers of the PlayStation 3.

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Montrealien3744d ago

This is the 80 gb version of the 40gb right? Man I am so happy I was an early adopter for the 60gb, best console purchase I made in a while.

CyberSentinel3744d ago

All for the same price....sounds like a great deal to me.

PimpHandHappy3744d ago

its not like a price cut

but i think its a good move

I have a 60GB and i have 23GB of space

if i had the 40GB i would be needing a upgrade...good it doesnt cost that much

MAiKU3744d ago

Well... I'm one of the fools that bought a 40gb... thank god my dad has a bunch of unused drives at his law firm.

Was it really confirmed that the new 80gb won't be backwards compatible?

rhood0223744d ago

I don't live in Europe anymore, but I detest David Reeves and how he's handling the PS brand in the PAL regions. He doesn't seem to care about the products, its services or the fiercely loyal PS consumers. All of his interviews indicate this and, if Sony wants to stay competitive in the region he needs to go.

On topic, I'll keep it short:

40GB = $199 (fire-sale until gone)

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The story is too old to be commented.