Wii aids family togetherness: report

If it's quality family time you're after, then it's a Wii you want. That's according to a new study which claims to have discovered that gamers rank the Wii as the best console for family togetherness.

Pollster GfK NOP questioned 464 people aged 16 and over, and found that 83 percent believe the Wii increases family interaction. By contrast, roughly 52 percent of respondents thought the PlayStation 3 was capable of prompting family togetherness, and 49 percent said the same of the Xbox 360.

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Master of Menace3745d ago

Just try Buzz Quiz TV with eight wireless controllers. Buzz is a real laugh! And a great party game.

Voiceofreason3745d ago

Yeah that 1 game makes up for an entire library of 80% family titles..

himdeel3745d ago

...because talking is too much work, and serious conversation is overrated. Family togetherness is better when families ONLY have to communicate via a series of wild arm flailing, laughing, and pointing to the losers avatar.

Voiceofreason3745d ago

I have a feeling that had they found the PS3 the most family fun you would not be saying that now.