Siren: Blood Curse to terrorize PSN for $40, $15 each episode pack.

Looking forward to Siren: Blood Curse? Good, because it's going to have a budget release on PSN later this week. The survival horror game will be downloadable for a discount price of only $40 for the entire game ... or $15 for each episode pack. Each episode pack will contain four episodes, with each episode averaging about an hour or two of gameplay each. That's 4-8 hours of gameplay for $15 each. Buy all three episode packs and save $5.

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butterfinger3741d ago

this is coming to the US store this week? If so, Sony gets my $40.

r2kcipher3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

sony gets my $15 i loved the demo. but i had the first siren on ps2 and was too scared to complete it. lol. these games are so dark. i constantly think somethings gonna pop out of nowhere and attack. it makes me a nervous wreck.

Homicide3741d ago

The demo was pretty cool. I like the environment/atmosphere. The controls were fine for me; I'm a Silent Hill fan. I also like how you can shake the controller to reload. I'm buying it.

AllseeingEye3741d ago

and at 40 dollars I'm sold. I just hope pixel junk eden and fat princess are close on its heels.

cliffbo3741d ago

and RGK-Fists of plastic

bruiser813741d ago

Yeah i want the fists of plastic on to, i love the smash bros style to it

r2kcipher3741d ago

i know i will be getting fat princess and fists of plastic. flower looks fun too.

myke66993741d ago

I played the demo and to me it's worth the $40 (and then some more).

[email protected]3741d ago

Well, me on the other side I have to wait for the BlueRay release(if there any of course) to comes to US. But, if I get the chance I'm going to buy it on PSN too. All depends of what comes first ^__^

Raoh3741d ago


although i would rather have the blu ray :(

i have a 120gb hard drive. but i also just recently picked up singstar so i will be downloading songs. online updates for other games like metal gear online etc.. i'm down to under 50gb of space.

i need to get a 320gb or larger drive and soon

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The story is too old to be commented.