Analyst calls for "real" Xbox 360 price cut

Signal Hill analyst Todd Greenwald has said that "Xbox 360 needs a real price cut" in his latest note to investors.

Microsoft dropped the price of the 20GB console in the US by USD 50 last week prior to E3, but Greenwald believes the company needs to do more in the face of competition from the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii.

Greenwald pointed to Sony's introduction of the 80GB PS3 in the US at the same retail price as the 40GB unit, and a collection of exclusive titles, as reason why the PlayStation 3 is better positioned than the Xbox 360 for the first time since launch.

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Rockstar3745d ago

Show me a 360 priced at 199 or lower and I'll show you a guy that is 95 percent sure (100 percent if I also hear that RRoD, disc scratching and faulty HDD are a thing of the past) he'll have all 3 "next gen" consoles.

celticlonewolf3745d ago

He points to sony 80gig coming in at the same price as the 40 but it is just the 40gig model with twice the storage(no backwards compatible or less usb ports and all that). Well isn't the 360 doing the exact same thing with 3 times the storage as the 20 gig for the same price? If I got what he was saying it didn't make much sense with the example he was given but I do agree the 360 needs a price cut on all models and I personally think it wll come around holiday season.