The Nintendo Press Conference That Could Have Been

Wired's Chris Baker writes this humorous reimagination of the Nintendo E3 2008 press conference:

"By almost all accounts, attendees at last week's E3 Media & Business Summit didn't like Nintendo's press conference.

The company lavished attention on its games in development for casual users, who don't pay any attention to E3 press conferences to begin with, while completely ignoring the hard-core gamers that watch E3 coverage live on TV.

The thing is, it's not as if the company doesn't have games in the pipeline for lifelong gamers. They could have put on a much more entertaining show, had they chosen to. If only they'd..."

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ape0073739d ago

starfox wii

mario tennis

pikmin 3

new f -zero

new zelda trailer

the secret rumored retro studios project

Smacktard3739d ago

Jesus Christ... THAT was the conference I was expecting! THAT was the conference that would've taken the show. That was the conference that didn't happen. Sigh.

Great read, though. Hilarious and awesome.

TheColbertinator3739d ago

Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII on the Wii FTW!

ChickeyCantor3739d ago

Now that you mention it, what happend with the Final Fantasy:CCB game?
The trailer looked interesting(a year back they showed a trailer i think), hope its still in developement.

TheColbertinator3739d ago

Good point.That one fell off the radar.

TheColbertinator3739d ago

Hahahahahaha Funny a$$ article

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