Best-Selling PS3 Games

The NPD Group has released sales data for November 2006, and while the PlayStation 3 wasn't able to crack the overall top 20, it appears Resistance: Fall of Man had a high attach rate.

Resistance sold twice as much as the next best-selling title, Madden NFL 07. The ever-popular WWII setting allowed Call of Duty 3 to round out the top three.

Here are the top ten best-selling PlayStation 3 games for November 2006, as provided by the NPD Group:

1. Resistance: Fall of Man

2. Madden NFL 07

3. Call of Duty 3

4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

5. Ridge Racer 7

6. Need for Speed: Carbon

7. Tony Hawk's Project 8

8. NBA 2K7

9. NBA 07

10. Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

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MicroGamer4331d ago

for a system that only has 13 games. LOL!!!!

Zhoutai4331d ago

but are you by any chance an Xbox fanboy? Because you really shouldnt be laughing, because the 360 had about the same amount of launch titles. And look at how much they grew. Fanboyism is totally retarded, Play the games not the brands.

TheXgamerLive4331d ago

and that's between the U.S., Canada and Japan, this is quite dismall to even mention. LOL.

I think they should of said to date, instead of a best sellers list, it should of been a sold amount list, as in R-FOM has sold 2,000 copies, COD3, 1347 copies, etc... you get the picture. You shouldn't try to brag on a best sellers list w/such a dismall display of copies sold to begin with. No, my numbers aren't real, that's a jk based on the sad attach rate of less than 1 sold per system. Although, It was quite dead on for the launch times.

Boink4331d ago

360 actually had more than 20.

and to sony, why aren't they showing how many sold?

Dlacy13g4331d ago

Given it was the stand out title by most of the critics/reviewers...not to mention its a good game...I don't find it surprising that it was the leader by a long shot.

Scrumptious4331d ago

And did you expect anything else? All the other launch games are exclusive crap or inferior ports. I appluad you Sony. At least give the fanboys more than 1 good game to spend thier money on.

NubreedLive4331d ago

i love R:FoM, such a good game

TheMART4331d ago

But if you hear the attach rates of games you are shocked for real...

PS3 @ launch 1.5 game per PS3 unit
360 @ launch 4.5 game per 360 unit


PS2/Gamecube @ launch 1.9 game per unit
XBOX 1 @ launch 2.4 game per unit
360 at this point in time 5.2 game per unit

Damn, how is that going to make up to 300 dollar loss per unit??? It's going downhill Sony

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The story is too old to be commented.