Nintendo, Microsoft stumble while Sony cruises

SF Chronicle Writes: "The PlayStation 3 seems to have found a groove since its bumpy launch, and Sony had plenty of new games to show off. Beyond previously announced titles like "Resistance 2,""inFamous" and "Motorstorm: Pacific Rift," Sony had a few fresh items up its sleeve: "God of War III" and "MAG" (for "Massive Action Game"), which promises 256-player online combat.

Sony also debuted some intriguing PlayStation Network downloads, including "Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty," the hypnotic "Flower" and the comical strategy game "Fat Princess." And the PlayStation Portable got some love too, with "Resistance: Retribution,""LocoRoco 2" and "Patapon 2." All in all, a solid showing for the once struggling PlayStation family."

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juuken3831d ago

...*throws on flame suit*

TheColbertinator3831d ago

*takes out flamethrower*

Burn Nintendo!Muahahahahahaha!

juuken3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Lol @ Colbert.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3831d ago

*throws on flame suit* Why??? Did you buy a xBox 360!!! ;-D

juuken3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

C'mon know what's going to happen when the 360 fanbabies wake up from their slumber.

EDIT: True, true MAiKU.

MAiKU3831d ago

when they wake up?

I think they'll wake up to another new xbox(insert number combo here) and lose support for their 360's.

but they'll buy the new system anyway.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3831d ago

They are like RATS in the sewers!!! ;-D When they smell Bad PS3 News they follow King RAT(You know who he is)up to surface, and come on this!!! ;-D

@MAiKU ;)
Yeah it will be called xBox 4(something) Because they want to fool the public that it's their 4th Console i.e because PS4 will be called erm PS4!!! ;-D Like xBox 360 sounds like their 3rd Console because of the '3' in it, so it sounds like the PS'3'...The xBox 360 still failed!!! ;-D

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StephanieBBB3831d ago

Die is alittle bit overstated but I would frase it more like "get your lazy ass together before it's too late" Nintendo is spending too little money compared to making so much imo.

I admit that MS had a good conference but you like many others need to see thru the bullshit that they spew out. MS are fighting a loosing battle and does whatever it takes to sabotage for thier opponents, FFXIII announcement for 360 say anything about this?

Imo Sony had the best montage overall even though they focused more on the core gamers, thier exclusives look much more fun and massive than the 360's. Just look at the beginning of Sony and Microsofts conference. It's clear that Sony is the winner just by doing that.

thebudgetgamer3831d ago

but what happens in the next round without their loyal hardcore fanbase that they continually throw under the bus these days

pixelsword3829d ago

Not a "lead console" like the 360 or PS3... I think that's it's popularity; when you have parties, you pull out the Wii; when you want to seriously game, you pull out the PS3 or 360... not that it's a bad thing.

Wildarmsjecht3831d ago

Hey, that's exactly how I felt about E3 this year. But with that being said, I'll let the flames and nonsense begin.

ucantbanme3831d ago

Thats because you are a Sony fan. Different people see different things out of each conference.

I still think that MS conference was the best of the three. Everyone should know that MS does not show games for the following year off at E3. It's the same arguments people used against them for 2007 and they ended up having a great year of games. Then it's the argument that was made for 2008 and 2008 is going to have an awesome line up of games. If you tune into the MS conference for 2009 games you will always be disappointed.

I rather focus on
Netflix streaming... Huge
Additional movie contracts and tv shows... medium announcemnt
Updated to the dash....huge( never done before in a console)
2008 games.....medium

3831d ago
crazy250003831d ago

you could already strem netflix for free, but MS is just making money off of those who didnt know that

KingME3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I completely agree with you. But it doesn't surprise that this article was written. Give it a week, and the "PS3 skimmed, 360 slid, Wii overwhelmed" article will be out claim an E3 victory for the wii.

It's just a matter of prospective with it tad bit of fanboyism mixed in.

@2.3 (crazy25000 -) please explain how this can be done by the massed, how does my 14 yr old sister or my grandpa stream movies for free. Besides, I didn't know netflix movie streaming was free, even to a PC. I thought the priced began at 4.99. But, perhaps you know something that I didn't know. And for people with gold memberships, nothing is going to change anyway. So, please explain it to the mass, if you actually know how to do it yourself, and are not just repeating what you have heard.

Thanks in advance.

crazy250003831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

we have all 3 consoles here and you can stream Netflix using WMP, the quality is awesome

jtucker783831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

ucantbanme - You are right that "Different people see different things out of each conference."

But based purely on GAMES (as in the reason we are here, N4G anyone?), what was shown at E3 and completely disregarding any other games that are in the pipeline for the various companies. I.e. the ones that weren't shown at E3.

Best for the casual audience and members of the public is between Nintendo and Microsoft. Wii Music, Animal Crossing (sorry Reggie I guess that is actually hardcore), Lips and some multiplatform games etc.

Best for sensationalism - Oooh we get FF too = Microsoft.
If E3 is all about sensational story's for you then I guess Microsoft wins it for you.

...BUT, If you're a gamer, then Sony wins hands down.

Nintendo comes last - The closest they came to gaming was Miyamoto saying that a new Zelda is in the works BUT one that will also be accessible to casual players (don't like the sound of that!)

Microsoft - showed no new gamer-games (sorry, Lips doesn't count). Although I will admit that Gears2 (already announced) is looking pretty sweet. I'm looking forward to that one.

Sony won on Gamer Games, undisputedly. There is no argument.

Now Microsoft may have more and better games in the pipeline - none of us know do we? BUT as far as E3 went we didn't see any of them and Sony showed us more.
Perhaps Microsoft will win Leipzig with a better showing of games than Sony, we'll have to wait and see, right?
...but for all us "Gamers" (News4Gamers) we know that E3 was Sony's.

Dareaver13831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

well, why don't you tell me how someone without a windows based pc is going to stream it on 360, or even a person without windows media extender.

better yet, someone without a pc....

please inform me.....


you say real gamers think Sony won, then Wouldn't "Real Gamers" appreciate that FF13 is coming to MS. Saying it's "ooh me too" just shows your clear and obvious bias. I guarantee you that Sony gamers are happy that Bioshock is coming to PS3. I have the game, it's awesome and a game that should be played by any mature "Real Gamer". FF13 looks like it's going to be awesome. "Real Gamers" can appreciate the fact that the game is going to be experienced by more "Gamers".

funkysolo3831d ago

So is the 360 a gaming machine or a movie machine? Isn't that what you 360 fans said about bluray? And about games in 08, RE5 and FF13 are not coming til 09 and 2010. So what great lineup did you see of exclusive content for gamers not movie goers? M$ conference was mostly about multiplatform because they don't have anything exclusive besides gears2 to talk about....I guess the 360 now is the movie goer machine, how funny

jtucker783831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I'm just as happy to say "Ooh me too" about Bioshock for the PS3.
...BUT that isn't my point.

Yes, I agree that FF coming to Microsoft is great news for 360 owners and I think it's great that both systems can enjoy the game.

My contention is that the actual "poaching" of FF was the big news rather than: great we can all enjoy a great game.
It was all the fanboys stirring themselves into a frenzy that made the FF news so fantastic.

I'm quite happy for 360 and PS3 to share games as long as neither console has to take a bad port.

Monchichi0253831d ago

News to Me! Every other analyst and internet poll on the web says MS did a better job. But if THIS guy says it, it MUST be true...

ucantbanme3831d ago

jtucker78 -
I understand your reasoning but honestly, almost everything shown for Sony is playing catch up.

Honestly, the Heavy hitters Ms promised this year are coming out(Sans Halo Wars).

In Jan i tried to tell people it's a multi plat year, while everyone was screaming it's Sony's year of Killer apps. For the reminder of 2008 Sony has LBP and Resistance 2. I think the combo of GOW, Too human and Fable is too much for those two properties to claim victory.
E3 is about wrapping up 2008 for MS.

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incogneato3831d ago

finally a realistic review of the E3 conference

Leathersoup3831d ago

you mean one that validates your delusions? ;)

darkside3831d ago

....*take out marshmallow*

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