LittleBigPlanet detailed: 50 levels, no ingame music, and more

French video game site LivePlay3 writes:

Scheduled for October 2008, the final version of Little Big Planet reveals more about its content.

Understand first that there will be fifty levels to go with boss at the end of some of them. At the level of difficulty, the developers promise that everyone can play this long-awaited title, while specifying that that will be many more challenges identified for gamers.

It will obviously be possible to die, but the introduction of numerous checkpoints should afford not too take the lead. I've talked about boss earlier, well aware that some will be very difficult if not impossible to beat if you play personal. Indeed, with your mutual friends will sometimes be necessary.

Latest information, you can not listen to your own music in Little Big Planet , developers have preferred to create many music tracks to make the action even more immersive"

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Rob0g0rilla3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

It would of at least been nice to have the feature while creating levels.

Fishy Fingers3794d ago

Funny really, as Alex from MM said they have small speakers you can place anywhere on the level, then when a characters runs past that speaker a song/tune/piece of music can be played. This piece of music being in the creators hands and allowing you to use your own music.

Perhaps if attaching a song your own to a map and then uploading it to share infringes on some copyright laws?

Mr_Bun3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

It is probably due to the rumor that you can sell your own levels...if you put your own mp3 on there, copyright laws come into play and you would have to pay royalties and what not. If you are able to sell your levels, then you can see what a nightmare it would be to be able to use your "custom soundtrack". This is a smart solution if this indeed is the case!

nirwanda3793d ago

let's be honest a game that lets you create your own levels from scratch is going to be very harddrive intensive, jpegs and custom objects etc are most likely going to be streamed as the level progresses it's going to be the same with alot of other PS3 games too which use the HDD alot they won't be able to do custom soundtrack either.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3793d ago

Leaving it up to the developers is a good thing because now you can play the game how developers wanted you to. Like for example a horror game developers will most likely not let you have custom sound tracks so you can stay immersed. If they choose not to they obviously want you to listen to their music choices.

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Mc Fadge3794d ago

No in-game music? :< Maybe they can patch it with some demanding ;D

Can't wait for this title though, it's going to be so much fun :D!

Shadow Flare3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

what??!? you can't put your own music in the game? That was one of the key things i wanted in my levels, damn
edit:: wait, is this chattin about listening to in-game music or is it talking using your own music for levels?? I can't get on the site...

Mc Fadge3794d ago

So I never expected that. But I was hoping to be able to play through levels and choose music from my HDD. AH well, they'll no doubt have a great soundtrack lined up, including The Go! Team :D

cp683794d ago

meaning you won't be able to replace the ingame track by your songs on your PS3 HDD..very disappointing.

Shadow Flare3794d ago

thanks but that absolutely stinks!! That sucks so much! A major part of the unique feel of my levels were gonna be the music. Aaargh, friggin hell. They said they were gonna have it before. Aparently there were triggers you'd run past and that would play the music. An interviewer asked Alex Evans once if it would be possible to make it so if you could run through a level with hundreds of triggers it would play the music fast or slow, so you would have to keep the pace up to make the music sound good. So they DID have it before. Frickin hell man. What about the people who were gonna recreate their favourite games aswell. They can't add the music to go with it. This is such bad news for me. lol this is actually worse for me then FF13 going multiplatform

ice_prophecy3794d ago

I want to get a proper translation.

does it mean No in game music ie, Play music from your hdd from the XMB. Or does it mean, you can't put in your own music into the stage.

If its the second one, then i can understand. Copyright etc etc.

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paul_war3794d ago

Funny if there were no trophies! j/k

However the lack of in-game music is dissapointing

juuken3794d ago

No in-game music?

That sucks.

polow got sol3794d ago

What else did you expect from a console desperately trying to mimic the online success of another but failing terribly at it. Are you really surprised by this?? im sure your ps3 has let you down enough to numb the pain.

StrikingDmc43794d ago

i believe this game was delayed to pit it against Fable 2 which is a bad idea by the developer or sony

juuken3794d ago

Interesting how 360 fanatics use this as leverage to bash the PS3 some more. I said it sucks that there's no in-game music but that doesn't change the fact that this game will still be good.

Failure at it's best.

TheColbertinator3794d ago

Juuken its just a copyright problem.If I upload a level to you with "Ride the Lightning" from Metallica and if I'm selling it,copyrights from Metallica will force a lawsuit.Its a shame but 50 levels and endless level customization assures true replay value.

juuken3794d ago

Yeah, I think I understand it. But fifty levels is a sweet deal regardless.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

The only Console that is Failing Terribly is the xBox 360!!! ;-D

+'im sure your ps3 has let you down enough to numb the pain'???
Er RRoD anyone??? ;-D


I don't mind because the Music will be MAD!!!;)
I still can't get that Tune out of my head from last years 1st showing of the Game!!! ;-D
DA,DA..DA,DA...DA....DA,DA... DA,DA...DA... Er erm!;-D


TheDude2dot03793d ago

Do you honestly have 100+ songs on your PS3 that you NEED to listen to during LBP? I bet that the music will fit in enough.

Not trying to be a jerk or anything. Just never saw the need for in-game music.

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