Persona 3 FES confirmed for Europe

VG247: Koei just confirmed that Persona 3 FES will release for PS2 in Europe on October 17.

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Alexander Roy3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Thank heavens! I like how more and more games are being released in Europe (although I'm still waiting for all the Tales Of games, Grandia 3, both MegaMan collections...).

Menchi3745d ago

Yay =]
I've been hoping they'd do a PAL locilization of this for a while. I didn't want to purchase Persona 3, knowing there was an expanded version available

Seems I made a good choice!

Homicide3745d ago

It's a great game. Spend like over 200 hours with it. Have fun with the game guys.

Lucreto3745d ago

I am not a big fan of the game shooting your character in the head to attack creeps me out big time.

Dream Machine3745d ago

Wantwantwant, been looking to buy this for some time but I held off just in case we got FES as well. Glad I waited!

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