640 Review – The Witcher 3 Is the One of the Best RPG’s of All Time

"For any nitpicking you might want to do, this is an astounding accomplishment – there is a fully realized fantasy world here for you to live in, with a plethora of tough monsters to kill and tougher choices to make – the only question is: can you quit your day job to work full time as a Witcher? Because believe me, you will want to."

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Big_Game_Hunters1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

No one is marking points for the mediocre combat? I'm loving the game but the combat, like past wicther games, is disapointing.
This game will never be higher than a 8.5 for me because the gameplay simply isn't there.

PureSophistry1402d ago

After 20 hours in complaints about combat are null and void.

Big_Game_Hunters1402d ago

I'm only about 7 hours in right now, but the combat doesn't feel much different than witcher 2 and i beat that. What changes? It just feels as unpolished and clunky as ever. Slashing someone with your sword doesn't feel impactful enough. Please tell me what changes after 20 hours to make complaints about combat "Null and void".

Erik73571401d ago

It's kinda annoying the way the locking on system works...I often find my guy locking on the wrong enemy and end up not being able to fight one attacking me.

mikeslemonade1400d ago

Witcher 3 doesn't does only one thing great, and the NPC detail.

Big_Game_Hunters is correct, the combat is like Dark Souls in a bad way. It seems like you are just "tapping" enemies.

someOnecalled1400d ago

It think he meant the swordplay witch the which the witcher has always been iffy with. They have always been deep with the combat gameplay but sword play focus on not slowing you down because the other aspects of the gameplay. If it was like assassin creed you would be dead trying to do sign or plant traps while battling. But the could do more its not perfect but you could see where the aim is at.

Maybe someone make a mod for better combat. The gameplay was was the best for skyrim even though they didn't fix it drastically but it was better than it was. Especially the survival mods and ai

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Perjoss1402d ago

Witcher 3 combat is not as good as something like Bloodborne or Batman/Mordor, but combat in Skyrim was infinitely worse and I never saw anyone complain about that, Skyrim always seemed to get a free pass in that department.

Big_Game_Hunters1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I complained about it, There are plenty of games that just et free passes on gameplay because unfortunately most people are too caught up on things like Graphics, Story, and how big the world is.

camel_toad1400d ago

Yeh dont get me started about skyrim's combat. It was better than the previous elder scrolls but thats not saying much.

Witcher 3's combat is definitely better than 2's and its grown on me but it's still no dark souls or batman level of combat. That said though, Im loving every other thing about the game. The side mission and random mission stories alone are better than the main plot's of several other games. I dont feel like Im playing a sp mmo like I did half way through Dragon Age either.

isa_scout1400d ago

I guess to each their own. I put over 150 hours into Skyrim and my favorite thing about the game was the combat. Sword in one hand and some flames in the other with a dragon shout was completely badass. I'm actually excited for ESO just because of the combat.

magiciandude1400d ago

Skyrim has the most awkward combat for any RPG I remember playing in the past 5 years.

Ashlen1400d ago

Well the thing is, Skyrim while it has very basic combat, it's functional and it doesn't try to have any illusion of complexity.

The Witcher on the other hand has combat that tries to be very complicated but it's clunky, and the controls just seem to make things more difficult than they need to be.

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starchild1400d ago

No way, the combat is one of the best things about The Witcher 3. It's one of the things that makes me like it so much.

kingmushroom1400d ago

totally agree, once you master the combat system its freaking great.

Utalkin2me1400d ago

Combat is one of the worst things in the game. On top of many things wrong with the game. Bloodbourne is on another level far as combat compared to Witcher 3.

slappy5081400d ago

I agree with you, star child the combat is first class, don't know people are bringing that up.
I also concur with the articles title

wakeNbake1400d ago

The combat is far better than Elder Scrolls and lets not even start on Dragon Age, that game plays like a korean MMO. I'll admit that coming from Bloodborne the combat feels clunky but once you get the hang of it its pretty fluid.

Big_Game_Hunters1400d ago

I'd say the biggest issue is the fluidity.

isa_scout1400d ago

I find the combat satisfying, but the damned lock on system is atrocious. Every time I have to fight more than one enemy(which is most of the time) it just annoys me and gets in the way. Best thing to do is just forget about the lock on system and pretend it doesn't have one. You're much more maneuverable without it.

starchild1400d ago

I don't need or use a lock on system. It's like auto aim in first person shooters. I've never seen the need for it. You position your character dynamically in the course of combat in order to control angles and distances. If you are a skilled player and learn the controls and move-sets well you don't need a manual lock on system. That's my view at least.

aquaticDonut1400d ago

You should only be using the lock on system when you're fighting against one enemy. :/

Utalkin2me1400d ago

Everything about the combat is average, including the auto aim system that you don't even need to use. Just keep hitting your fast attack and everything will be ok. No reason to lock on, no reason to scope out, no reason to do anything but walk into a group and hit fast attack and let it do it's thing.

Kingdomcome2471400d ago

@utalkin2m2- What? You must be playing on the lowest difficulty. You cannot get by with just spamming the fast attack. Not even close.

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aquaticDonut1400d ago

They're probably not marking off for mediocre combat because there is no mediocre combat. There is great combat, though, if that's what you're referring to.

guyman1400d ago

It seems to me the modern gamer demands games with simplistic combat and are too lazy to master more complicated style, then they pass this off as "rubbish" -

ChronoJoe1400d ago

I agree with you, I'm still working on my own review for but combat can be a drag. It just doesn't feel that responsive at times, and the enemy AI is poor.

It's not like it's hard. You can just spam Quen and Axii and you're not likely to get hit, even on the harder difficulties, however there's some really questionable responsibility to the controls at times. For instance if you're holding block and get staggered out of it, continuing to hold block doesn't put your block up again once you regain control. Instead you have to press it again, why? Surely that wasn't intentionally part of the games design, it opposed to making the game intuitive, and as a result makes combat often feel awkward.

Other issues stem from a generalised lack of responsivity, poor auto-targeting, odd enemy AI behaviours, odd horse behaviour (seriously STOP running across my swordfight) and frankly, unclear differentiation between enemy heavy and light attacks.

It's a shame because all the pieces are there to make the games combat incredible, but the execution is just a little odd. Still, better combat than games like Assassin's Creed in my opinion, at least it has some strategy to it.

PaleMoonDeath1400d ago

I get you, but going by the scale of this game.. these things which are easily patchable, are nothing in the grand scale of the game, I personally was bothered by these things too until I started to get into it, around 5 hours in mind you.

But as soon as I'd sunken enough time into, god damn this game is something else, looking for Bandit camps and doing the side quests are superior than a majority of the games on the market without the main plot, it's up there with BloodBorne and it's made itself very warm since then and deserves very much so to be there.

Now, MGS5 you're up next.

ChronoJoe1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Don't get me wrong, I really like it. But the your mention of Bloodborne makes me imagine a Witcher game with Bloodborn-esque combat mechanics. Now that would be amazing.

CDProject Red are absolute masters of world building and story telling, but they still have work to do on the gameplay, in my opinion.

For what it's worth, I'm about 18 hours in and still bothered by some of these things, but I think it just varies from person to person. At the moment I'm frustrated because I encountered a werewolf whose regeneration ability I can't out damage, therefore leaving me entirely stuck on that quest line. Things like that really bug me, as even if it is supposed to be hard, I should be able to do it. Even if I wail on him with constant attacks he outheals it.

Maybe I should turn the difficulty down so that I can focus more on the story and lore, that's what I'm contemplating at the moment. I have it on the one above normal, and while I'm not dying often, when I do die it's very frustrating because of unfair scenarios like the Werewolf coupled with the long-loading times.

One time I died because my horse ran into combat, so when I attempted to roll it mounted the horse. :/

I make it sound bad, but the narrative and world compensate for these failings entirely. When I do review the game (I like to take my time, since my website isn't for profit) I'll probably give it an 8 or 9.

Sorry about the spelling in the prior post by the way, I noticed on that some of it didn't make sense but couldn't edit. Typed it out at 4am, and my keyboard likes to skip keypresses.

Kingscorpion711400d ago

I have to agree with you the combat isn't there like Bloodborne combat. But its still a great game

kraenk121400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

The combat feel amazing to me. So much improved I can't see how people complain. You simply must suck at the game or didn't understand the system. I play without lock on btw.

Kingscorpion711400d ago

I'm almost finish with the game. I've played The Witcher since the the first game and the combat has always been the weakest point of the game. This is from a veteran. Bloodborne combat is better and the game is a lot harder. Don't get me wrong the Witcher is a great game but the combat need's some work

starchild1400d ago

There's nothing wrong with the combat. It's responsive and tactical. You have to think, react and maneuver constantly. If you try to just mindlessly hack and slash, you will die.

Git gud, man.

Big_Game_Hunters1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I never said it was difficult. The combat both feels bad, and is too simple. preparing oils ect before a fight is strategic and something i like about the game but that isn't what i'm talking about. I'm talking about the core combat gameplay durng combat.

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averagejoe261400d ago

Since the trailers I've thought the combat looked cheap. Based on the responses here, I was right.

I love RPG's so I'm going to experience the game and surely enjoy it. But coming from Bloodborne, the fighting may be lackluster.

Still excited to go on the adventure.

PaleMoonDeath1400d ago

Sure the combat isn't as good as BloodBorne, but god damn the world is something else.

rezzah1400d ago

Well if combat isn't one's go to reason for playing surely they can find others. If you enjoy open world games and exploring unknown lands then perhaps that can override the lack of interest in combat.

I had a a similar situation with Dragon Age Inquisition, but killing dragons and taking in the scenery was more important than the specifics of battle.

If you wish for great fighting in an open world check out Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

HeavenlySnipes1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Combat is fine

At this point people are looking for ways to not award this game a 10. On the hardest difficulty, you really have to pay attention to the groups of enemies around you and utilize signs, oils and bombs to make it out each encounter alive

Maybe playing on lower difficulties allows you to spam fast attack and win, but that's your own prerogative.

I've played the game for 40 hours so far, and the fact that not once have I come across a fetch quest or a lazy mission (a la Skyrim) makes this game all the more better. Every quest is voiced and unique, armor and weapon crafting is excellent, the environment is excellent, the lighting (dear god) is fantastic (and if you take the time to play during day/night cycles and watch the sun slowly creep through the trees in the mornings you'll agree), and all the morality decisions that aren't black and white are a nice touch


I came across a female elf who was being harassed by some human males because she was nonhuman, and when I told them off to go away, the elf lady reprimanded me because she knew that all I did was make them made and I wouldn't be there to stop them the next time they showed up. Makes you think that the "knight in shining armor" ideology isn't always best and sometimes you have to leave things alone as a Witcher. In most other games the lady would be happy and endlessly thank you.