Hideo Kojima's future of gaming

Click writes:

"Game designer and creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, talks exclusively to BBC's Click about the latest instalment of the game and gives his view on the future of gaming."

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King Kaz3742d ago

Almost as brilliant as Emperor Kutaragi and myself!

When King Kaz speaks, ALL will listen!


gaffyh3742d ago

So MGS4 was in development for 4 years, and they only actually started developing on the console 2 years ago when the PS3 was given to them. Damn that means it's gonna be a long time before we see the next Kojima game :(

NO_PUDding3742d ago

Well now they have an engine, there's no such delay.

And Kojima said he'd like to focus on the PS3. Back last year, when it wasn't doing too well, he was hesistant and considering the 360, but recent interviews indicate, he'd like to stay on PS3. And the performance of MGS4, more than justifies exclusives.

gaffyh3742d ago

True now that the engine is there hopefully we'll see new games a lot quicker.

TheColbertinator3741d ago

I think that if Kojima is comfortable with a certain console,he should stick to it.After all its his choice

Overr8ed3741d ago

all he needs to do is to plan out the story and game sequences for his new game, and make some improvements to the engine

Mainman3741d ago

The first 2 years was experimentation, this will only happen once in a console's lifecycle.

They now know the PS3 so they dont have to experiment or experiment as much anymore. They can now focus on making games.

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lil Titan3742d ago

i just hope Hideo Kojima doenst sell out


nah dude, he stays true to his fans and he wont sell out like square cnix did, i have faith in hideo

zozol3742d ago

F....Kojima and his blatant games even Wii Sports have better written story then stupid Snake'ogames

Thoas3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

But if he had games coming to the Xbox 360 you would buy them.


why would say such a thing about a brilliant man like kojima?

RadientFlux3741d ago

why would say such a thing about a brilliant man like kojima?

No reason needed, fanboys hate anyone that doesn't like their system. Its the same reason sony fanboys diss Gabe Newell all the time...

jspc19893742d ago

next evolution of gaming to be in the aspects that you cant see or hear, or not immediately anyway. Its similar to the human language (yes i did say human) in that 80% of what you say or project to others does not come from your mouth.

Although i have little doubt that the conecpt of what he is thinking goes far deeper in his mind than what he just said, i don't think were going to see it much time soon, because it would probably require some form of real AI (not a program designed to act in certain ways to give you the impression of AI).

Saying that i could be completely wrong lol. O well ill live lol

peace out x jc x

thebudgetgamer3741d ago

ive been playing Mr Kojimas games for 20+ years and they keep getting better

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