Gamekult import review: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Damn, what a trip. The WiiU has been taken to a place where it has never been before, where few Japanese and Western games have gone. If you put aside all the annoyances, this game is not that different from a trek. It's engrossing, hypnotic and the sights are so sublime that you have to stop from time to time to take a snapshot. You have to prepare well and arm yourself with patience. [...] It depends a lot on your interest in that pleasure of discovery, in the beauty of your surroundings.[...] Even then, it doesn't mean everything is perfect. But on top of that world, you will feel so free...

- An unforgettable game
- Addictive level design
- Well made robots
- Environments are incredibly good looking
- The feeling of exploring a new world
- Some epic music tracks
- Customization possibilities
- Resource prospecting provides steady income

- Some characters are as charismatic as a vegetable
- Some quests are mindnumbing
- Multiplayer is worthless
- Some of the rap tracks
- The guy who at one time sings "I Need A Bigger Gun". That guy.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2341d ago

Strange, this might be the first time I've heard someone take issue with the multiplayer component.
Sure, it might not be super deep with the way the Squad Quests work, but participation is entirely optional, and you get rewards once it's cleared even if you don't participate.
Who can complain about free rewards?

Regardless, a good preview. I do agree with their criticism against some of the music. Thankfully there's more than a few great tracks to replace the bad ones, and the bad ones aren't so ear-gratingly horrible that we won't eventually be able to tune them out as insignificant white noise in the background.( that's how it is for me, anyways. For the sake of your own enjoyment, I hope the rest of you out there can learn to do the same...)

Big_Game_Hunters2341d ago

Ive downloaded the entire score, id say only about 25% is vocal tracks. Personally though, i love the vocal tracks. after hearing every song i mut say X has a better overall ost than xenoblade.

Big_Game_Hunters2341d ago

Actually i wouldn't say better, more like on par.

wonderfulmonkeyman2341d ago

Yeah, but I still firmly believe that they could make a lot of fans happy by offering a free downloadable pack of music from the first game, alongside a slider menu like they have in Smash that would let us choose how often particular songs pop up.
I know I'd be perfectly ok with hearing the Colony 9 BGM in New L.A.

pcz2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

wow, really? better than the original xeno soundtrack? that is my fav game soundtrack ever. i was concerned when they said they were using different composers.

i have made a few remixes of xeno tunes, here is the most popular one -