Fragland Review: Alone In The Dark (PC)

Fragland reports:

''In this Alone in the Dark most of the story plays in Central Park, New York City. You're Edward Carnby, you just don't know that yet at the beginning of the game. You awaken in some sort of building downtown New York and hear a couple of hoodlums have a rather sharp conversation with someone else in the room. After they order you to stand up you're guided to the top of the building where they want to kill you... but that turns out a bit different. At a certain moment all hell breaks loose, the building comes to life in the form of some creepy fast monster that can move through walls and it's now up to you to escape the skyscraper and get to Central Park where you need to investigate where the monster came from and how to defeat it.

Alone in the Dark is a game filled with cool gameplay features like blinking your eyes to get focus again after rubbing some goo out of them, bashing doors with heavy objects and an in-game user interface that offers a huge ability for immersion. For instance, while playing you can collect all kinds of things thatend up in your jacket and which you can combine and after some inventive thinking can even use as deadly weapons. Want a molotov cocktail? No problem, just put some burnable fluid inside a bottle and add a cloth. Want it to be sticky? Not an issue, just add some double-sided tape! What makes this so much fun is that you can create these combinations real-time so the game won't pauze when doing this. A word of advise: best to make the right combinations after each fight so you won't run out of bombs in the middle of battle.''

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