Strategy Informer Preview: Left 4 Dead

James Pikover reports:

''Left 4 Dead has been one of the most talked about games for the last few months, and for good reasons; a zombie survival game based around teamwork and cooperation that makes sure players aren't over- or underwhelmed.

It does this in several ways, most notably in what's called the "Director". The director is a system that takes information and assesses how much stress players can take. If they are low on health and ammunition, they'll face very few zombies. On the other hand, if they do have efficient amounts, then hordes will attack. This dynamic allows for players to have just the right amount of enemies to fight while still requiring teamwork.

This information was available before E3. After playing it for an hour because I couldn't stop, I can confirm that not only does the director work, the gameplay requires cooperation or bad things will happen and that it has the ability to be the game of the year. It's also a ton of fun.

Generally, previews are supposed to give an unbiased view of the game based around pure information. It has this feature, provides these weapons, etc. No, Left 4 Dead deserves more. Much, much more.''

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