Strategy Informer Preview: Project Origin

James Pikover reports:

''Anyone remember F.E.A.R.? The highly acclaimed PC shooter was good enough to make the jump to consoles and still do well, though it's expansion packs haven't been anything for developer Monolith Productions to pride themselves over. Now their sequel, published by WB Games instead of Vivendi Universal aims to bring back the bullet-time little-ghost-girl horror FPS to the next generation of gaming.

Sadly, my playtime with it was on the Xbox 360 instead of the native PC. Sure, F.E.A.R. was well done on consoles and arguably very enjoyable, but the controls this time around felt lacking. Slow speed, odd button scheme and the fact that the developer showing it off agreed profusely that yes, this is a keyboard and mouse title. Kind of a shame for console fans.

As far as I could make out from the few minutes of gameplay, the similarities between Project Origin and F.E.A.R. prove it's a sequel, but the story and multiplayer is where that'll really show. Single player campaign has more little-ghost-girl action, plenty of weapons and baddies to eliminate, and has a very glossy finish that must be commended.

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