Atomic Gamer Preview: Borderlands

Jeff Buckland writes:

''Gearbox Software is best known for their Brothers in Arms series of games, and now they're endeavoring on creating another brand new franchise: Borderlands. This one's been in the works for a while, and at E3 this year, they've gotten far enough to show it off.

Borderlands is a science fiction game taking place on a remote planet where the environment is brutal and only the toughest survive. There is little in the way of humanity here, and those who are still here - corporations abandoned their unprofitable attempts at exploiting the place years back - are tough and most will try to kill you. It's got kind of a Mad Max feel, although it's not specifically post-apocalypse - the planet you're on never really had any respectable amount of civilization to begin with. Gearbox licensed Unreal Engine 3 for this game, the same engine that powers the Gears of War series and BioShock, and they've got it so that outdoor areas are streamed to the player without "zones" or long load times.

The game is played as a first person shooter, and up to four people can play together online. It's kind of like Halo's vehicle sequences combined with a traditional action-based shooter along with a loot and level system from a sci-fi Diablo. If that sounds appealing, the demo shown by Gearbox president Randy Pitchford and a couple of producers on the game playing together showed that they're on the way to realizing that potential.''

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