PlayTV hopes to make PS3 the centre of living room entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is hoping that the PS3 will become the main focus of your living room entertainment with PlayTV, a combined TV tuner and Personal Video Recorder for Playstation 3, which has now been confirmed will launch in Europe on September 10th.

PlayTV's two TV tuners are High Definition ready and are able to view, record and play back High Definition signals in full HD1080P to complement PS3's High Definition credentials.

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ape0073739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

for only 399$

you get


a free game

true high definitiuon gaming

blu-ray player for both movies and games

reliable system

strong and free online service

fantastic exclusive games and awesome 3rd party games

the ps3 feels like it came from future

it's not noisy

it doesn't get overheeted

batarries are internal in the controller

blu-ray disks doesn't get scratched

holds up to 50 gigs

wireless detector is built-in

lots of usb ports

the powerfull cell processor(see lbp,motorstorm:pd,uncharted,re sistance 2,killzone 2)

playes nearly every disk format


it's a steal at 399$

lol,like am making ads for sony but am not

I love my 360 and my wii


am saying the truth

himdeel3739d ago

...washed dishes I could claim it on my taxes as a dependent :(

lil Titan3739d ago

*old lady in the background* he aint lying

uie4rhig3738d ago

you forgot to put down "its a dish washer, and washing machine, a computer, human killer, tidier etc etc" :)

unbiased3739d ago

Because my wife thinks my creditcard is unlimited for movie rentals. no matter how many times I tell her she is downloading like 3 new rental movies every day when I'm at work. only 248gigs left on the HD:(

King_many_layers3739d ago

It does really seem to be aiming to take that spot in the living room and it looks like it might very well do so.
playstation3 is offering; TV, free internet access, Games and Blu rays.
The new weather centre they showed also helps that little bit more

DA_SHREDDER3739d ago

Dude,, your forget that the ps3 has an optical out? My ps3 game sound so much better on my Bose system than my 360 does cause I hook my ps3 straight to my bose system with an optical cable.

wicked3739d ago

The 360 has optical out, I use it all the time.

wicked3739d ago

The last thing I want is it to be the center of my living room. As my son & I like gaming while the rest of the family watch TV. I have one room setup for gaming and another for TV and watching movies. PlayTV is too expensive at £70. You can get a Freeview twin tuner and hdd recorder for £60.

Armyless3739d ago

then you can also host your own Warhawk server in the next room hahaha

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