Atomic Gamer Preview: Dawn of War 2

Jeff Buckland writes:

''You could say that Relic Entertainment, creators of the Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, and Homeworld franchises knows quite a bit about RTS games. Their core platform is the PC, and they've delivered many games and expansion packs, all high quality, to keep strategy-loving gamers happy. While Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II offers little in the way of surprises to your average RTS fan, it still looks to offer a very solid, fun experience that integrates everything that Relic has learned about the genre since the release of Dawn of War a few years back.

The focus has changed for this sequel. Instead of building bases and fiddling with resources, Dawn of War II takes an approach of managing smaller numbers of troops and dealing with them in more persistent squads that level up and get new gear from the start all the way to the end of the game. Some squads are led by hero-type characters who have all kinds of special abilities, but whole squads can actually gain their own as well in what resembles almost a full RPG worth of stats, items, talents, and passive abilities (traits) that can be used on the battlefield.''

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