PS3 Hands-On Preview: Lair

One of the biggest questions yet to be answered about the PlayStation 3 is whether trading rumble for tilt-sensing in the new Sixaxis controller leaves us poorer or not. It's a hard question to answer at the moment, not least because the few games that do tip their toes into the new control pool do it so begrudgingly as to be pointless. But there are those coming that make a better attempt at it. Lair is one of them.

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marcusfenix4423d ago

So much for the 360 killing game all the Sony fanboys have been dreaming about. It sucks!!!

MicroGamer4423d ago

The PS3 can't even do it consistently without becoming laggy, according to this review. That's a whole helluva lot of pixels to be pushing around the screen at the same time. Sony is trying to do too much, too soon.

power of Green 4423d ago

This games seems like it will be a flop.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

If you think such graphics with so many enemies don't kill any 360 game, then you obviously need help

There are many 360 games that ain't consistently without becoming laggy. Most games have occasional slowdowns, even your show off title GOW ;-)

Marriot VP4422d ago

you should change your name to captain obvious

Munky4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

The only time the frame rate dips is during the cut scenes, while you are playing the game it is as smooth as butter.

And as far as the pic you posted goes, 90% of the doods are doing absolutely nothing. But since you are talking about games with "so many enemies" try DEAD RISING, hell even COD2 and COD3 have tons of baddies. Sadly, again, your argument is weak at best. Lata playa

Zhoutai4423d ago

This game looks promising. Who cares what system its for anyways. Xbox had better graphics than PS2 and just look at which one won. Play the games not the brands.

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The story is too old to be commented.