7 Days to Die Alpha 12 Update

Hey Survivalist, it looks like Fun Pimps are still hard at work on Alpha 12 and Joel “MadMole” Huenink, is at it again feeding us little niblets of info from his tumbler.

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ErinFantisy2214d ago

This looks amazing! Can't wait to play with those updates!

JoeIsMad2214d ago

I really can't wait to see some high quality graphics in action. Whoop!

Stevefantisy2214d ago

In one of their post it said "Alpha 12 will be here soon" but I have seen soon turn into a month so I won't hold my breath but I will be excited to see and play it when it does get here.

Jacktrauma2214d ago

Looking good! Fun Pimp... are there pimps that are fun? Like... back hand with a pie instead of a hand? I gotta know now... ;)