Peter Moore: Wii to Win Console War with Over 50% Market Share

GameDaily: It's a lot easier to talk about the console wars when you're not running the business behind one anymore. EA Sports' Peter Moore sees Wii taking the crown.

While Sony's Kaz Hirai told the Financial Times that he thinks the PS3 can sell 150 million units during its lifespan, former Xbox man and current EA Sports label president Peter Moore gave the Times a different picture of what he expects the market to look like several years down the road. Moore, like many others in the industry, has predicted a relatively easy victory for Nintendo.

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zenosaga043740d ago

Wii outsell Playstation 3? Let's put it this way, the Wii will probably outsell the Playstation for the next 3 years. But does anyone really see Wii selling consoles in 2016? Wii is selling wonderfully now, but its outdated graphics and reliance on the casual market ensure that the lifespan will be relatively short. The Playstation brand on the other hand has proven that it can last upwards of 8 years, meaning that Sony should have no problem selling Playstation 3's in 2015 and 2016.

If current selling rates continue I would not be at all surprised to see the Wii sell 80 million by late 2010 early 2011. The problem is after that I don't believe that consumers will still have an interest in the Wii. By the end of this year I could see the Playstation 3 at the low 20 millions in worldwide numbers. However, by 2010 I could see Sony having 60 million Playstations sold, especially considering that the main deterrent in Playstation purchase is the high cost. I wouldn't be surprised if Playstation 3 overtakes Wii in overall sales by mid to late 2011

ChickeyCantor3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"But does anyone really see Wii selling consoles in 2016?"
...i really don think Nintendo would be relying on Wii that much then.
By the time (2012 doomsday is coming LOLOLOLO) Nintendo already made a new console.....else they are really high on drugs.

also by the time its 2016 Wii must cost about 100 dollars orso, it will keep selling in the shadows anyway.
But really i dont think Nintendo will rely on the Wii till 2016.

Voiceofreason3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

That makes zero sense... Wii will die because of the casual crowd but thats the same crowd that got the PS2 to 140 million. Also Wii is selling faster than the PS2 did. Its on track to outsale the PS2.

JsonHenry3740d ago

But it will never overtake PC sales or PC casual gaming.

prunchess3739d ago

It's a last gen, Budget console with a gimmicky controller that shouldn't be even mentioned in the same sentence as a PS3 or 360.

ChickeyCantor3739d ago

Prunchess...back from the past ?
Your lame comment is just on repeat i guess, i lost count.

Megatron083739d ago

The ps3 isnt going to be around in 2016 either and even if it is it be sad that the wii still sold twice as many systems in half the time.

No one in the right mind would think that the wii wont out sell the ps3 and 360. The only question is will anyone ever buy anything beside wii fit and wii sports one the wii

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QuackPot3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

both the Ps3 & wii should reach the 100 million mark.

And no way will the Wii get 50% of the market as highly likely owners will have both consoles.

Sales of the Wii will likely fall below the Ps3 in a couple of years when it is priced the same as the Wii, HD has taken off, huge library of games, great PSN service with DL vids and music & the Playmote established as the standard controller.

But again, the future owners will likely own the Wii & the Ps3. Peter Moore, you are an idiot and we'll see how true this is in a couple of years when there will be one black console that everybody will be wanting and buying.

Voiceofreason3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Yes because when the PS3 is 250 the Wii will still be also...The only way for PS3 to catch up is for the others to stand still. I will never understand why Sony fans are the first to think that everyone else is just going to stop so SOny can play catch up./ Why should I stop assuming when thats all you are doing as well? You just dont like someone not seeing Sony as the dominant company this gen. You assume the Wii fad will fade. You have nothing to back that claim up though. All I am saying is do not assume Nintendo and MS will stand still for Sony.

QuackPot3740d ago


That's what they were saying about the Ps3 catching the 360. And it will within a year - and that's with it's high price.

Stop assuming the Wii Sales will not slump because believe me they will once HD takes off, price is cheap & the Playmote comes.

Get real. A choice between a Wi & Wiimote OR a Ps3 & Playmote at about the same's a no brainer which one the buyers will choose.

ChickeyCantor3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )


"it's a no brainer which one the buyers will choose."
You really think it works just like that dont you?
Sony's problem was their lame marketing plan, while Nintendo invested millions in promotions to get the word out and get into the crowd( demo pods and such) they convinced lots of people.
You just dont make something and pretend it will sell on its own.

If sony really want's to make it work they better do something about their marketing.

nirwanda3739d ago

Peter Moore, you are an idiot and we'll see how true this is in a couple of years when there will be one black console that everybody will be wanting and buying.

that will be the black wii then, ninty haven't even started with the colours yet as soon as sales look like dipping or production go up watch the new colours fly off the shelves with typical LDT edition marketing savy especially in japan.

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Voiceofreason3740d ago

They will probably have more than that. Not only will they be the main console for millions but many more will own a 360 and Wii, or a PS3 and Wii. Sony has lost too many exclusive to be the dominant force they were last gen.

hunter213740d ago

well thats most of the children ask for so until now its on top. i think wii it like a past time gaming console for some gamers like if they want a break playing a hardcore game they will play the wii, most of the people i know either they have wii and ps3 or wii and 360.

avacadosnorkel3740d ago

honestly if the PS3 was the same price as the Wii right now I actually think people would still choose the Wii.

I don't agree with the decision, but I think it's already at a point where it's not even about the money.

There are Wii bowling leagues in senior citizen homes. Never will a senior citizen buy a PS3.

rluvah3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

The people who want a Wii want a Wii. It wouldn't matter if the PS3 was 200 dollars. I know plenty of people who don't really play games and can afford all three but got a Wii. They see it as "fun", and "easy to play", and don't care about tech specs. I even explained to someone who wants a Wii that the graphics aren't as good as my other consoles.. There reply was "who cares".

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