Sega detail new Wii Sonic game, coming 2009

DarkZero: In the recent issue of Nintendo Power - a long running US based Nintendo centric magazine - a new Sonic game for the Wii was revealed called Sonic and the Black Knight. On the front page of the mag Sonic was shown holding a sword, and this image made the whole Internet cry. Thankfully, Sega has now taken time out to issue a press release to explain a bit about the game and stop wild speculation.

They also reveaed that Sonic Team in Japan will be the developers of the game, and it is currently planned for release in Spring 2009.

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kesvalk3743d ago

secret rings was a good game, not a espetacular game, but not bad either...

i just don't know, this seems to strange...

first a arrow, now a sword, what is next? a spear? maybe tonfas?

american_ninja3743d ago

The official Sonic Blognik has more on this new title.
Sounds promising.

King Arthur and the Legend of Camelot is certainly an unexplored scenario in the Sonic universe.

LeShin3743d ago

Sonic + a Sword = Goodbye Sega of yesteryear

Why can't they just leave him alone and just rely on what made Sonic games incredibly fun i.e. SPEED.


RecSpec3743d ago

The problem is that unlike Mario, transferring Sonic's gameplay to a 3d environment is very difficult. It eventually breaks down into being a platformer with a few high speed sections that usually come with a few cheap deaths. Instead of taking time and working on it, they would rather go the easier route and add a bunch of other unneeded stuff to it.

Think of Sonic as a silent film actor with a horrible voice, great when there is no sound. But once you include sound, he is a joke.

lewis3743d ago

you got a straight point and sega treats him like he has problems.

Rute3743d ago

From the article: "the game will be played using a unique Wii control system"

As I have previously predicted, this game will probably be played with Wiimote + ControlPlus + Nunchuk, making 1:1 sword fighting possible.

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