Dave Perry: E3 is broken, expensive and stupid

Following last week's E3, 27-Year industry veteran and leading games developer Dave Perry has slammed the E3 concept, calling the event "expensive, stupid and not real", echoing remarks made by E3 boss John Riccitiello.

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Silogon3769d ago

One of the greatest and most talented developers there is. Wild 9 still spins in my ps3 to this day. Among many other things he has done. Big time Sony fanboy he is, but Sony is the one who primarily made him a multi millionaire so it's understandable. Well, they made Jason Rubin's a multi millionaire and he can't stand them so to each their own I suppose.

Jason is another amazing developer by the way.

poeo3769d ago

sheesh.. i read "PS3 is broken, expensive and stupid", and got all worked up, for nothing :( where can i unload this hate now?!

Fishy Fingers3769d ago

How about the opticians :P

poeo3769d ago

hahah Fishy Fingers, you're right!

JsonHenry3769d ago

I gotta admit even though E3 is expensive and for the most part worthless, I still enjoy it as a fan of video games.

But I gotta admit, most of the stuff they "show" at these events can be seen just as easily by visiting a site like this once a video is posted online. No need to wait for E3 to show off a video.

N2NOther3769d ago

Meh, as a fan, I love E3. I don't care what happens but I hope that something becomes the "Comic Con of the gaming industry" in terms of getting first looks at upcoming projects.

Maldread3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I thought the stuff we could see at Gamespot where people showed off their games more in-depth and answered questions about them was way better than the press conferences. Some of the "interviewers" were horrific though. Seems like Leipzig will be the place for announcements according to Reeves. I sure want to see HR (and just what the hell the mystery game is).

BrianC62343768d ago

The problem with E3 is it was created as a way to show game buyers what's coming soon. Game buyers, not gamers. But it's becoming more of a way to show gamers what's coming. Do game buyers for the retail industry even care about E3? Probably not. So dump it and switch to a show for us gamers. That would make more sense. And let gamers try the games out. I believe that's what the other countries do. Let gamers go to the shows.

I think I'd rather see the game developers stay home though and work on their games.