Thought-controlled gaming coming this year?

MCV: Head-strapped device will 'replace joysticks and Wii handles', says Daily Mail

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Isaac3740d ago

Retards with this. Oh wait.

shadowghost7523740d ago

The Daily Mail? They are the biggest hypocites i have seen in a long time, why should anybody believe what those idiots have to say.

Since when was the Daily Mail a console expert anyway? They are too hung up on trying to demonise gaming itself and then they makes claims like that! What a set of imbeciles.

FreestyleBarnacle3740d ago

I too would like to object to the use of the Daily Mail as a source of any information. Crikey, we'll be listening to a blog written by someone who has worked in games marketing next.

dhammalama3740d ago

Naw, it could never happen.

RealityCheck3740d ago

I work in a technical field so I am all in favor of progress... when it is actually progress.

The wii-remote\sixaxis this generation is a good example where innovation was applied in the form of motion sensing. In reality though, games relying heavily on that turn into either mini-games or attempt at real games with poorer controls. For real games the more precise the controls the better, they need to be responsive and accurate. Motion sensing has a bit of lag in response time and is not that accurate and sometimes "misread" the movement.

The reason I bring this up is that both voice control and thought\mind recognition will most likely suffer the same issues.

My point, those kind of controls might be ok for mundane use like a shopping mall kiosk or a TV interface, but when it comes to fast and precise gaming it's just forcing a solution that doesn't quite fit.

Rute3740d ago

To my understanding the new Wii Motion Plus control add-on gets rid of the lag in response time.

If/when a proper 1:1 movement golf game is released on Wii, I will probably buy the console.

RealityCheck3740d ago

@2.1, I would expect that MotionPlus would add precision since it adds new data points. I doubt however that it would help with lag, it's mostly limited by processing power of the Wii and now it will have more input data to process. However I will get it to try when it comes out. When it comes to new technology, I'll try everything at least once.

uie4rhig3740d ago

i'd rather have some physical interaction than just thoughts, and you have seen what the wii did, the more physical interaction, the more it will sell!!

snakeater33740d ago

imagine what psycho mantis can do to your brain !!


LOL! I was thinking about it the moment I see it!

Please Kojima, don´t use it on MGS6! And if you do, make it before Sony pass by the next rumble juridical mess.

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The story is too old to be commented.