Microsoft to release 25 new missions for Ninja Gaiden II

Microsoft announced today that it will be releasing 25 new missions for Ninja Gaiden II on Xbox 360, which is said to be the "equivalent to a whole new campaign mode".

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power of Green 4720d ago

TI's going to work for MSFT :)

power of Green 4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

This doesn't seem real this is just under twice as big as the retail game(numbers wise). I'll be getting it for sure maybe we'll see knew charactors.

belal4720d ago

this game sucked that mutch! they had too bring 25 new missions lol!

vavava4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

To get more money out of us and to leave more people with 200 unspendable MS spacebucks.

Superfragilistic4720d ago

Because even with a crap camera and some dodgy background textures the combat engine in this game is still the best in its genre... that and the gore! lol

Great news. :)

Skip_Bayless4720d ago

It's probably equilvalent to the arena modes in Sigma or in God of War because notice how they said missions instead of chapters.

HateBoy4720d ago

"equivalent to a whole new campaign mode", I'm guessing its chapters, but you might be right.

Anyways, AWESOME news, 800p for 25 missions, no problemo! 25, lol.

xJxdOggyStYLe4719d ago

that this article has not yet been over ran with sony fans yelling and screamin rrod...ng2 sux...etc etc.... and finally some intelligent non fanboy talks goin on in here...bubbles for you all!

SCThor4719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

..when Ninja Gaiden 2 SIGMA gets released :)

KingME4719d ago

MS haters, NGII is not made by Microsoft. So perhaps you should direct your jealousy at the developer.

Megatron084719d ago

Thats why I didnt buy the game when it came out figure they do something like that. The same way they released NGB on the 1st xbox. Dont get me wrong its great news but why buy NG2 when you can get NGB2 or what ever they are going to call it a few months later.

INehalemEXI4719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

I have not bought NG2 yet but this makes me want to pick it up when I get SCIV Vader version. This is redemption for charging for extra costumes. The way I see it.

Bloodwar4719d ago

Way cool, well worth the money. 25 missions, thats a lot of missions. It going to take me as long to beat the DLC as it will the game itself. Worth 800 points.

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power of Green 4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

LOL I'm getting hit up by hating trolls. No reason to hate I'll purchase the content you can continue to hate I just don't wan't to see it lol.

PS3 fanboys can go jump off a cliff while there's still space after FF13 a line is starting to form.

Sez 4720d ago

whats good. i know what you mean. i will be getting this as soon as it release. and don't worry about the haters. they are just upset because they don't have anything to play right now.;)

Solid_Snake6664719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

lol i got something to play lets see i got mgs4,ratchet,tekken online,grand turismo 5, heavenly sword, ressistance FOM, uncharted warhawk, motorstorm and cod 4 ...well i think thats something dont you?