Panasonic wants you to buy a wall

Numerama writes:
"The future is the disappearance of keyboard and mouse. Bill Gates has always wanted, and it now becomine a reality with the touch screens. While Microsoft works on its own "TouchWall" based on its technology Surface, Panasonic has introduced its "Digital Wall", which will be very chic in your living room."

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FreeMonk3741d ago

Panasonic can kiss my ass. I've been waiting 4 days for a call back from them to let me know what they are doing about my 22 month old Plasma TV that's knackered.

There customer service in the UK is really bad!! If I hear them say 'You'll hear from us in 48 hours' from one of there reps again, I'll end up throwing the TV out the window!!


Phillips want me to buy 50 USD electric candles... I don´t know about you, but I only use candles in blackouts!

So no, I´m not impressed with more people trying to sell me things I don´t need.

BlackTigea3741d ago

Electricity cost money...

CAPT IRISH3741d ago

I already have four walls, so no

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The story is too old to be commented.