WWE 2K16 listing hints at roster, gameplay innovations and more

A retailer listing has revealed some details as to what to expect when it comes to the roster, gameplay and other elements in the upcoming WWE 2K16.

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curtis921249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

"there will be new divas, legends and superstars added to roster. The game should also include “gameplay innovations” and “presentation updates.”

... hey now, don't get so specific. Save some for E3.

@Xman2K, I'm all for the biggest roster possible! I'm pretty picky though... if they do a WCW mode they better make the ring smaller. haha

Xman2K1249d ago

No wcw mode like 2k14, no buy for me

gangsta_red1249d ago

They need to bring back A LOT more modes for me to even consider looking at this game.

AliTheSnake11249d ago

@curtis I'm pretty sure, that this is what they say every year.

jackwei221249d ago

We need a WWE vs WCW mode 1995-2001


Every year is the same damn thing, the game comes out and it will be more of the same.
Maybe a new feature that makes the game even less playable.

Turn it more arcade and less like the UFC games. The last time I enjoyed a WWE game was Here Comes the Pain

Xman2K1249d ago

Totally agree more arcade and fast paced like revenge/no mercy. Only Aki could pull that off though like in def jam and ultimate muscle

NellyNel_7_1_31249d ago

Damn, I miss AKI I wished they were still around making wrestling games still.


So true.
I actually bought 2k15 fairly recently thinking it was going to be as much of a blast as some of the games i used to play as a kid. Im not saying that i was expecting a copy/paste wrestlemania 2000 game with updated graphics, but more of a next gen iteration that woulda been frickin' sweet in its own way.

Oh god, how wrong i was.

Splatoon1249d ago

Stick Finn Bálor on the box. I'm pretty sure he will be on next years box though.

saukelover121248d ago

as long as john cena and randy orton still look good im soild

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