WorthPlaying Review: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

WorthPlaying writes: "With the success of LEGO Star Wars I & II, it was reasonable to expect future LEGO movie parodies. The only question was whether the charm, humor and enjoyable gaming experience could be reproduced in this latest incarnation. After several days with LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, my opinion is a solid "Yes." Although LEGO Indiana Jones resembles a "platformer" in many ways, within the first few minutes of playing, it will become apparent that the game is much more of a puzzle-solving adventure.

LEGO Indiana Jones requires players to navigate 3-D environments and solve multiple logic puzzles. Players are also tasked with gathering studs, collecting treasure chests, building LEGO objects and fighting "thuggies" to advance through episodic levels representative of the key action sequences in the first three "Indiana Jones" movies. Although the game lacks Internet or LAN connectivity, it features an excellent co-op mode. Beginners to the LEGO adventure series can quickly get up to speed with abundant context-sensitive tips that are provided as you play the earlier portions of the game. LEGO Indiana Jones also utilizes an adaptive difficulty setting to smooth out the gameplay and provide a more enjoyable experience, especially for younger players."

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