Blu-ray, HD DVD Dual-Format Vidabox Lux Media Center

This whole Blu-ray/HD DVD format war is a mess. Even representatives from the two camps think so.

With retailers seeing little interest from their customers, early adopters confused by the technology and studios cutting expectations, it's no surprise that everyone is frustrated.

While there have been talks about dual-format players from LG, Pioneer and Ricoh, none have materialized-until the Lux and Max Media Centers from Vidabox hit the scenes.

Vidabox's Steve Cheung came into the offices of EH Publishing in Framingham, Mass. to demo the Lux version of their dual-format player.

The Lux, which can store a total of 3.75 TB of data and content, is powered by an AMD chipset and runs Windows Media Center Edition. It features two separate disc drives-one for each format-that are powered by CyberLink's PowerDVD 6.7, which is compatible with both Blu-ray and HD DVD. (Sorry DIYers-it's only available through OEM channels.)

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