Afrika gets release date: August 28

Sony Japan has updated the official Afrika front page with a release date: August 28

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cp683768d ago

i still don't get the point of this game anyways..what is it? a MMO? capturing animals? a sims-like in safari? What is afrika's gameplay like?

Omegasyde3767d ago

A photo shoot with specific missions (targets)

You have to use time of day, location, wind (scent?) to take as close as possible pictures. Think Pokemon Snap - Pokemon - Super Bright Colors.

SixTwoTwo3767d ago

Pokemon Snap but with true to life locations and animals, and incredible visuals.

Shadow Flare3767d ago

Release this game in Europe PLEASE

Omegasyde3768d ago

The only lenses I want to use are rifle required.

Team America, F%^$ YEAH.

Chuck Norris3767d ago

F*ck Yeah!

This game would've been so awesome with GunCon.

Polluted3767d ago

I was hoping we could at least run some wildlife down with the Jeep. No dice I guess.

badz1493767d ago

we can ask konami to make Guncon3 compatible with Africa.'re wild as always!!

solidsnakus3767d ago

lmfao. at leased you can run over the animals.( i hope)


As a Biologist I should just shake my head negatively...

But hell yeah, the PSG1 is mine!!!

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ThatCanadianGuy3767d ago

Cool,graphics in this game are phenominal !

anyone seen that screenshot with the cheetah laying on the tree branch at night?

the way it's eyes lit up with the picture-snap


DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

this looks waaaaay better than microsofts ripoff of this game "SEA LIFE SAFARI" look it up it looks like trash and worthplaying gave it a 7.4/10. Can't wait to see how they review Afrika!!

KobeT243767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ? This is awesome. Alot sooner than I expected.

Gonna order it, and play it over here in the states.

Region Free PS3 FTW!!!!!

n4gzz3767d ago

well, thats what i am planning to do too but i am in debate if its gonna have english language !!

JasonXE3767d ago

with text and controller functions. It shouldn't be hard since the camera is like a regular dslr camera but your pretty much screwed if it comes to anything else. The game is pretty much a pokemon snap so it shouldn't be that hard. Someone will eventually translate it in screenshots.

peksi3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

This game might suffer from poor sales. But since they've obviously worked on it a long time and created some serious environments they should use it to create more selling title(s).

On the other hand they may do just the opposite and sell like hotcakes.

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The story is too old to be commented.