Investors: PlayStation 3 sales send Asustek sales soaring

The Taiwanese contract manufacturer producing the PlayStation 3 saw its sales rocket to a record high in November due to the hit product.

Asustek Computer Inc.'s consolidated sales in November soared 81 percent month-on-month to US $2.59 billion. The figure was also 114 percent higher than November of last year, it reported Friday.

The company would not comment officially on why its revenue in November rose, but one executive confirmed that it is manufacturing the PS3 on behalf of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Stock market analysts, who have been pumping Asustek stock in Taiwan, had expected its revenue to rise around 40 percent to 50 percent month-on-month in November due to the start of PS3 sales globally, but their estimate was far short of the actual increase.

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THWIP4333d ago

...their business must have been COMPLETELY SH1TTY before, if the meager sales of the PS3 boosted their revenue that much. o_0

Of course, they'll get their $$, no matter how many units are sold ; they stand to make more profit than SONY, actually. :o

MicroGamer4333d ago

if you pick a penny up off the street, you make more profit than Sony.

dantesparda4331d ago

WTF are you stupid bastards talking about!? Asustek makes some of the best (if not the best) motherboards on the PC. Heck, a hell of alot better than SIS (the maunfacturers of the 360 mobo). SIS makes value mobos while Asus makes enthusiast boards. Man your hate for Sony makes you's look ignorant. Then again, you's are

Maddens Raiders4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

please do not mistake this as dignification of your statement: but you're being an a$$ with statements like that. SNE loses profits in divisions not the entity. You know it's comprised of subsid's.,partnerships(even with Mistsushita,& Samsung, no less), global movie and music production houses (that are doing quite well oh & the whole sneEricsson phone successes are ok I guess too...., then there's insurance and re-insurance, etc, et al, ya know.. They would have to suffer a catastrophic collapse which is a concept really not rooted in reality at the moment. I just don't see that occurring at all. If you are specifically speaking of SCE, then yes, until they pay off their PS3 debt they won't make profit by margin; however that money is being re-invested right back into the vehicle which produces <it> along with the money that the investors invest. These are called matching funds. It will turn into the PS3 slush fund one day ala the PS2 slush fund which is being used to drive other sectors of the company (LCD's, silver Ps2's). All of this is coal burning the engine to drive Blu-ray into every humans head with the continuous in your face, down your throat, trojan horse marketing. As some say -- sne will just keep pounding it and pounding it...this is why. It's built on a business model by powerful men & women in dark rooms with lots of evian and capers -- and those models must succeed. And that's just an outline of it really. It's much more complicated than that, but that's the guts of it.

BTW Micro you'd be a fool not to look at foreign markets right now - asustek(which has been steadily rising for the past two years), along with other pan-pacific & japanese vanguard stk indexes are outstanding, but you probably already knew that. =]

FadeToBlack4333d ago

I didn't know Asus was producing the ps3.

Microsoft Master4332d ago

Asutek are brilliant manufacturers. The 3 manufactures for the xbox 360 is Celestica, Flextronics and Winstron and look how crappy the first batch of Xbox 360 consoles were. Just 1 main manufacturer for PS3 and very few problems reported. I like the Xbox 360 the best, but even i can admit that Microsoft totally rushed the launch 100%