The upcoming free Microsoft console

This article is totally speculative. It is about something that Microsoft could do, should do and may well be doing. It is not about the Xbox 360 or the upcoming Xbox 720 (Phoenix?). It is about a totally new machine. A totally new sort of machine.

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Silogon3741d ago

One of the worst ideas, oh wait... It's Bruce from Bruceongames. Did we expect anything less?

Omegasyde3741d ago

It is about a totally new machine. A totally new sort of machine.

A Machine that is free because it runs off recycled parts. A machine that is eco-friendly that runs off no electricity. Requires no Television, with games that are fully rendered by user created content. A totally new sort of machine that you CAN NOT play by yourself.

This Machine is called Tic-Tac-Toe.

Comes Free with state of the Art "No. 2 P3nc!1" with rumble "3raser".

(Bruce try harder)

Genesis53741d ago

I don't think you can say Microsoft and anything free in the same sentence. If they did do this I'm sure they would find a way to over charge for it.

JsonHenry3741d ago

So if server based gaming has grown FASTER than console gaming in the past couple of years... wouldn't that make the whole "the PC is in trouble" theory dead in the water?

uie4rhig3741d ago

"Microsoft offers free Windows Vista with purchase of every new computer.."

oh wait..

"Microsoft is a free compa..."

*thinks further*

'Microsoft Loves free open source stuff'

erm naah.. still not

*thinks even more*

'Microsoft... Free..'

well there ya go!!

Tomdc3741d ago

they would to make more money in the long run! With MS Dos they practically handed it away free just to get a foothold in the OS market and charge them more when they want there OS for new systems... I watched a documentry about microsoft yesterday =P

Genesis53741d ago

OMG You did it. Good work. Now say toy boat 5 times fast.

shine13963741d ago

how did this get through?
I don't want site censorship but this isn't news for gamers or anything like it...

xhairs93741d ago

That was basically Microsoft prior to having any money.

player9113741d ago

They say free because there isn't any hardware to buy on the client side. Basically they have servers setup running virtual environments (multiple concurrent OS's running simultaneously) each able to play games.

So what you would do is remote desktop into this virtual OS and run the game from there. The local controls are sent to the server, which streams back the real time video of the game output.

So basically the hardware is all at a central location. The software is in place. What lacks is the required bandwidth to do such tasks currently.

Think of it as being able to control a streaming video game, live.

This is the same as remoting into another PC and playing solitare on it... except the remote PC in this case will have graphics cards and are beefier systems.

ravinash3741d ago

Remember when MS killed off Netscape by first releasing Internet explorer for free and then making it part of windows so your forced to use it.

The Mikester3740d ago

lol now that was a funny thing to say

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psycho3603741d ago

Bruce wants hits, bruce got hits /jk

Ok back to topic. Did anyone here, hear about phantom console? Wasn't that supposed to do some of these things ? I just dont think it will work out in reality, just look at how much was the thin client pc concept successful and how much useful is it for average person? THis free will work in 3rd world countries but unfortunately they dont' have necessary bandwidth or infrastructure to pull it off.

Meresin3741d ago

"This article is totally speculative."

Okay then, I won't waste my time reading it. :P

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