Long Bioshock PS3 install likely

DarkZero: The release of Bioshock on the PS3 may still be a long way off, but according the BBFC - who have recently rated the upcoming game - players will apparently have to sit through a 24 minute install before they venture into the dystopian city of Rapture. We say apparently, as the listing is not very exact in it's wording, and just remarks "00:05:24:00 BIOSHOCK PS INSTALL VID FINAL.BIK" as part of their listing.

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juuken3743d ago

I hope it's not THAT long.

Microsoft_Warrior3743d ago

once again the ps3 is inferior to the best console this generation

... umm ...

i got bored sorry lol

morganfell3743d ago

5 minutes is nothing in order to get the ultimate version.

Pain3743d ago

cuz what else am i suppose to do... oh roll another k...

ravinshield3743d ago

oblivion...4.6gb required
sony may cry 4...4.7gb-20 min install
full auto 2...1.7gb required
spider man 3...2.3gb-five min install
hot shot golf...5gb-five min install
skate...2.5gb--five min install
rainbow six vegas 2...3.4gb required
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008....2.3gb required
F.E.A.R...2.5gb required
NBA 07....3gb-ten min install
lost....3.6gb---six minute install
conflict denied ops...2.5gb required
beowulf---2.5gb---five minute install
GT prologue--5349MB..13 minutes install
Quake=4.1 GB install
GTA 4...5 min install.
battlefield:BC...300mb required
Bourne Conspiracy..5GB Install required
metal gear solid 4...8 min install,4.6 GB required
BIOSHOCK....05:24:00..minimum 5.4 GB required

Kleptic3742d ago

5 minutes?...absolutely no way...that is like...forever...there is no way in hell I am waiting 5 minutes to get rid of that dastardly texture streaming that ALL UE3 games suffer from (that is except the PS3 version of UT3, which offered this as least in option form)...

Developers need to understand that we DO NOT WANT them taking advantage of every PS3 having an HDD...knock it off...360 fanatics hate it...I don't want devs doing things on the PS3 that MS will not allow them to do on the 360...knock it off...srsly...

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Le-mo3743d ago

Not a big deal. Game installation on the PC has been around for a LONG time now and the 360 will soon follow suit. Game installation is the future. :P

Breakfast3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I can see what Nathan Drake is gonna fight in Uncharted 2...

...Game Installs.

Hes got a big battle ahead of him...fighting the likes of Mr. Blind Le-mo, and the crazy people in the "installs are good" crew.

andrewf913743d ago

you need to cut the crap, we all find it annoying

Omegasyde3743d ago

Nate-Dog Drake will probably be fighting the good fight with Masta C. than since MS is going that route as well.

kwicksandz3743d ago

Google GoW and see what comes up

*hint* not god of war


faster load times and better framerate.

Daishi3742d ago

It could take 5 hours and 24 minutes for all I care but please, to anyone who already hasn't played Bioshock do yourself a huge favor and play this game! This was the first game I could not turn off until I beat it (17 hours straight to be exact!).

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TheHater3743d ago

am I the only person that read that as 5 minutes and 24 seconds?

Wildarmsjecht3743d ago

You're not the only one


The time stated there looks oddly enough like 5 minutes and 24 seconds. not 24 minutes. IF that were the case, teh 5 would be 5 hours and thats just ridiculous. Whoever is trying to submit this, stop trying to flame.

Harry1903743d ago

this is a bull article. Makes no sense. Don't seem to know how to read. They sampled 15 and a half minutes and now they have a 25 minute install....Go figure out the logic.

Adamalicious3743d ago

I hope not - considering that "00:05:24:00" means 5 minutes 24 seconds :)

thebudgetgamer3743d ago

i thought this was news for gamers no speculation for fanboys

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GiantEnemyCrab3743d ago

Who cares. Nothing to see here if it makes the game play better and now even 360 is getting them. (even if they are optional on the 360)

Bill Gates3743d ago

"Like I've always said.
The fluke of the PS3 for January is now over. All the Sony fishheads lining up to proclaim victory and the death of the 360 are now firmly eating their own words (with a side of eggroll and rice).

This is truly a downward trend that will continue and will force Sony into another desperate price drop which if it didn't have in the first place it would be sitting at the bottom. Oh wait, it still is at the bottom.

Kaz I'm coming for you!!! Massive Damage!

*This message is brought to you by the Giant Enemy Crab foundation who wholeheartly supports the best gaming console this generation the Xbox 360."

HYPOCRITE much? Now that the PS3 has been making your beloved garbagebox360 look like a pile of trash with no games in its forseable future you want to act like you're cool with it. This is typical of you BABOONS, and will also become more common.......AHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAH A

You BABOONS are already admitting defeat, and it SHOWS....AHAHAHAHAHHAHA

GiantEnemyCrab3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Whoa, hold on a minute you wacko. Just because I say that PS3 installs are alright doesn't mean that I've proclaimed my love of the PS3 or that it is any less in 3rd place.

I still won't buy one and I still think the 360 is the best gaming machine of the consoles. Admitting defeat? Is that what you got from my statement? Wow!

So take that old quote you dug up and that weak hypocrite talk and shove them straight up your arse you twisted nutter.