Call Of Duty 5 First Wii Screenshots

Here are some Call Of Duty 5 Wii screenshots straight from the official COD site As you can see, new Developer Treyarch Studios is putting a impressive amount of effort into the title. The game looks equally impressive in motion, with a lot of on screen effects and a ton of detail. Between this game, Madworld, The Conduit, and Dead Rising maybe some of the other 3rd party developers will be forced to stop cutting corners and actually making game that pushes the Wii hardware.

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Breakfast3768d ago

It looks very good for a Wii game.

harrisk9543767d ago

But, what's up with those cheesy actors? They were terrible!

infinate3768d ago

pretty good for a wii game

Meresin3768d ago

SD gaming at its finest. :P

Whoooop3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Looks good for the Wii, but I was particulary impressed with the kids top-notch acting..

jay23768d ago

Yeah not bad, but this names got a name you know, maybe next time you should use it?

mfwahwah3767d ago

I hate when people call this CoD5. IT's NOT COD5. It's CoD:World at War. It's like calling Vice City Grand Theft Auto 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.