Gamplanet Preview: Halo Wars

Gameplanet was fortunate enough to score some hands-on time with Halo Wars at E3 in Los Angeles. This was the first time anywhere that Halo Wars was presented in a playable form for the media, so we were keen to see how well Halo was making the transition to RTS land...

I MUST CONFESS MY trepidation when I heard that a prequel to the Halo series was going to be created in the form of a real time strategy game.

I entered the E3 hands-on session with scepticism. How were they going to make Halo, a first person shooter game, into a real time strategy game? Add to this the logistical nightmare of developing an RTS for a console...

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green3837d ago

I was about to attack the article until i read it, and then you will find out that it's the contributor that just changed the title to get more hits.

Everybody has know since 2007 that Master Chief ain't playable.Why? because it's a prequel to the Halo trilogy, set 20 years before Halo: CE.

Or do you want to play him as a kid wearing dippers?

edhe3837d ago

I don't think it's that far back....

Spartan IIs are available as special units.