E3 Conference Battle: Sony vs. Microsoft

SCRAWL: "The press conferences of the big three have come and gone this year, but we will not be focusing on Nintendo's conference. We are focusing on the Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment E3 conferences of this year. Each of our writers have composed a paragraph of who they think won the conference war and why. Hit the jump for our opinions."

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PoSTedUP3740d ago

all three could of done better if they wanted to but they didnt cause E3 is dead.

PooPooPlatter3740d ago

The amazing Killzone 2 online
The inFamous graphics and gameplay
The 256 player online MAG reveal
GoW3 teaser
Fat Princess
Resistance PSP
The PSN Video Store going live the first night of the conference




The 360 getting a year delayed port two years from now

No wonder it is Nintendo and Microsoft fans complaining about 'E3 is dead' and Sony fans are ecstatic.

20 first party game studios are working on exclusive titles for the PS3 - and that isn't even including exclusive PS3 developers like Insomniac and Sucker Punch and all of the companies doing PSN titles.

Sony has more first party development studios than Nintendo and Microsoft COMBINED. Nintendo has around 10 and Microsoft only has about 4, maybe 5.

This Sony domination of conferences is not going to stop. Nintendo doesn't want to or need to compete for gamers attention with soccer moms and other non-gamers snapping up the Wii for fad weightloss products like WiiFit.

And Microsoft simply can't compete with its anemic exclusive developer lineup.

Halochampian3740d ago

you belong over there ---> [OPEN ZONE]

and FFXIII is coming out on the 360 the same time as PS3...

and it is funny that you didn't put anything for Nintendo or MS except one thing.

fanboys are funny... maybe it is the lack of thought.

PooPooPlatter3740d ago


The FFXIII port isn't coming to the 360 until roughly a year after it hits the shelves in Japan for the PS3.

PoSTedUP3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

im a sony fan and i even said E3 is dead cause its most likely true.

im only telling the truth dog. it dont matter which console you prefer to have some common sense.

E3 is dead...

edit: oh btw halochampion is right, you do belong over there------------->

Common Sense3739d ago

What you're trying to say is that porting the game to the 360 is going to take the same amount of time as simply localizing an otherwise completed game. The only this is feasible is if Square delays the NA PS3 version of the game but they claim that there will be no delays. Common sense says that in NA, PS3 version should be first unless MS payed for a simultaneous release.

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pizzas3740d ago

MAG, God of War 3 and InFamous stole the show for me.

timmyrulz3740d ago

What 2 cgi trailers stole the show? thats how much of a tube you fanboys are, thinking cgi trailers are games lol

SL1M DADDY3740d ago

It's not about teaser trailers, it's about the idea that rather than pulling up to third party developers with a dump truck of cash to buy previously exclusive games only to get a "portion" of the game, Sony is showing what they have in store for us in terms of first party exclusivity, and innovation. GOW3 and MAG may have been CGI, but they were announcements that show the Sony fans that Sony is forward thinking and taking care of their first party titles.

In my opinion, Sony was a touch better than MS and MS and Sony were both way better than Nintendo. I liked what MS is offering but they just didn't bring much new to the table. Netflix is cool but I already have a service like it and don't want to pay for another one. And not to mention that Netflix is nice for North America but it means nothing to the rest of the world.

infinate3740d ago

Sony had the better show, to me the only big annoucement Microsoft had was FFXIII. Microsoft could have stolen the show if they announced the Halo game Bungie is working on

Le-mo3740d ago

Sony won the conference imo.

Microsoft - No new game announcement. Mii and SingStar ripoff games announced. Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform announcement (Nobody care now)

Nintendo - Wii Music...enough sad.

Sony - GOW III trailer, M.A.G. trailer, Resistance: Retribution, Little Big Planet stats demonstration, new bundles announced.

Breakfast3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"Fantasy XIII multiplatform announcement (Nobody care now)"

Tell that to the guy who threatened, suicide...

...or was that you? :P

toughNAME3740d ago

I would have given it to Sony if MAG hadn't lagged so bad

Mc Fadge3740d ago

So I guess those were in game graphics then, huh?

Common Sense3739d ago

That is just sad. You're willing to do anything to put down the Ps3?
Answer honestly, why do show nothing but contempt for the Ps3?
The Ps3 is not responsible for life problems, you have your fanboyism and yourself to blame for that.

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