NVIDIA To Launch New GPU At NVISION 08 has learned that NVIDIA will launch the 55nm successor to the GeForce GTX 280 at NVISION 08. We previously had our suspicions that the launch would be at NVISION. If you remember in the past NVIDIA has launched other GPUs at GeForce LAN, which is still a part of NVISION although the scope of the event is much broader than just a large LAN party.

This visual computing mega-event will be held in San Jose, California from August 25th-27th.

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TiKiMaN13741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

In a month it will be time to say good bye to these Geforce GTX 280 video cards.

Can you say Step-up or Trade Up?

TheIneffableBob3741d ago

This is just going to be a die shrink. Nothing major and certainly not a big enough of a deal to go through the hassle of stepping- or trading-up with EVGA and BFG, respectively. Lower power consumption, higher clock speeds, and maybe some minor changes to the architecture.

TiKiMaN13741d ago

For NVIDIA's sake, hopefully they will still be the performance champion. Although it really seems lately that ATI has gotten their act together (Radeon 4870 X2). Needless to say, it's great to be a consumer during a price war.

Bolts3741d ago

I would much rather go for the 200 series once the price/perform ratio is settled. The 4870 run hotter than hell making Crossfire a huge pain in the ass. Plus I think Nvidia have more headroom for performance increases than ATI.

diegodon3740d ago

about the heating issue with 4000 series but no has taken the time to do some actual research on it. It's been fixed everyone, get over it.

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