Paranoid Gamer: Hands-On Preview: Splatoon

I go hands-on with Splatoon via their Global Test Fire and show off just what this new IP is capable of.

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Mega_Volnutt2159d ago

I haven't had so much hype for an online/offline shooter, since COD 4. Right now, this game is No. 1 in preorder sales at the Nintendo eShop. It's really rare to see so much support from the Nintendo fanbase for an third-person shooter like ths. Epic success...

BlackMagicWolf2158d ago

I know right? This looks like it could be really successful. I was on the fence when I first heard about it, but now I'm totally won over. Can't wait to play it full-throttle!

Mega_Volnutt2157d ago

I just found out that this game will not have Off-TV screen play. I might not even buy this bullshit now. I let pass the no voice chat issue, but no Off-TV screen play??, now that got me to the tipping point!!