Why Side Missions Should Be Eliminated From Games

Jack says, "Allow me to get straight to the point. I don’t hate side missions, in some cases I actually love them. Throughout this article I may sound contradicting (if you’ve ever read any of my other articles), just relax and read through to the end, I’ll explain then.

The problem with side missions is that I never find myself going “oh I should really do this side mission”. I’m very much a straight forward type of thinking man who goes for the throat, and doesn’t bother to look around. And I honestly hate that I’m that guy."

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dumahim2809d ago

Totally agree with your assessment of those games. I like side quests, when they're done in moderation. When a game is 90% side quests, 10% main story, they did it wrong. Especially the flat out lazy stuff that was in Unity and its companion app.

3-4-52809d ago

ewww don't dictate what I can do in a game person.

If I want to do a side mission, I do it.

If not, I don't.

They are optional for the most part, right ?

You have a choice.

You understand what choice is right ?

That isn't forcing you....that is giving you an option.

Wow what a dumb title...ok article.

zidane13412809d ago

Saints row 4 disagrees with you and so do I.

johndoe112112809d ago

Fallout 2 and New Vegas STRONGLY disagrees with you and the author of this piece.

700p2809d ago

I agree. Most rpgs need to have side quests!

Bigpappy2809d ago

side quest in games, is like work in real life. You do them for payment. RPG's without them take away from your interaction with NPC's and the feeling of being a true hero.

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ZaWarudo2809d ago

Deus Ex: HR did sidequests best. Devs should take notes.

Christopher2809d ago

It's really on a case-by-case basis here. Even the author agrees to this. Which is weird to have a title that says otherwise.

WizzroSupreme2809d ago

They shouldn't be eliminated from games. They just need to be more interesting than they are. Add some story element to it or something to spice it up.

rainslacker2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Or give something worthwhile for it's completion. Don't need to get a potion that can be brought for cheap or gotten from random monsters through game play.

That being said, I do hate the fetch quest or go kill X number of monster quests. They get repetative and mundane. I always liked the ones that had you go explore some area you probably wouldn't see otherwise, and kill some difficult enemy.

KwietStorm_BLM2809d ago

If your reasoning for eliminating side missions is not because you think they take away from creative direction from the main story, but only because you never feel obligated to do them, well maybe you should just not do the side missions then. I'll take my chances with worst case scenario getting some extra gameplay hours.

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