New 360 To Upscale DVD's

This past week Microsoft announced that they would be lowering the price of the 20GB Xbox and introducing a new model for $349.99 with a 60GB hard drive. This larger amount of storage will come in handy when the new system update hits so that you can store your games. Circuit city is now listing this new model with a release on August 8th, but they also gave some more information about the system...

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PoSTedUP3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

360 doesn't upscale dvd's? o.O

edit: lol right... but they are still using the dvd format for their games im surprised it doesnt at least upscale them...

pharmd3742d ago

too little too late anyway.... they may as well upscale VHS too

mikeslemonade3742d ago

Unless you want your 360 to red ring it is highly recommended that you don't watch dvds on your 360.

3742d ago
Breakfast3742d ago

Another stolen ps3 exclusive.

Keep reeling them in MS.

lastdestiny3742d ago

I have been reading N4G for some time now and i feel i should finally contribute to the society. My microsoft insider where i get all my news from finally have something brilliant worth posting. Too me its no so brilliant (i am a ps3 guy), but to you it might be, BLU RAY add-on unit for xbox 360!. I believe its true as my microsoft insider often gets things months ahead and it becomes true but i never post (im no xbox fan, and frankly the news has only been this big once before. I hope its not true but he says it is.

Anyways Yeah the add-on will be coming, which i guess is good for sony cause microsoft has to pay royalties and stuff maybe. However it will be around late in the holdiay season and be priced and an extremely fair $149.99 in North America, and it will be released early 2009 in europe, is what my insider said. It will most likely be announced at GC, this is huge though as its somthing sony has over them xbox now has.

Please Reply with your comments

P.S I beleive this is true its 99.9% true i think as hes neevr been wrong before

UnSelf3742d ago

yes now i can finally watch a silent movie upscaled

laryforlife3742d ago

Do you think before you open your mouth, i guess your only answer to everything is red ring? next time think before you post

mikeslemonade3742d ago

If there was ever a search function on N4G to find comments you will see that I haven't said "Red Ring" or "RRoD" in the past 3 months atleast. The word I use the most regarding the hardware failure is "faulty hardware" because the red rings isn't the only problem with the hardware there's disc read errors too. Maybe I should say it more often to make people mad.

Bloodwar3742d ago

Blue-Ray Movies are in the ball park of 25+ dollars for each movie and DVDs run from 5 dollars up. If you have the money to spend 30 bucks per movie, go with Blue Ray, if you don't stick with an Upscaling Xbox 360 or other DVD that does the same. Just my 5 cents.

mfwahwah3742d ago

"stick with an Upscaling Xbox 360 or other DVD that does the same."

Or PS3, considering it's been able to do this since day 1.

LoydX-mas3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

google is your friend.

"the PS3 has been able to upscale from day one." Wrong.

The 360 has been able to do this since the fall update of 2006.

SoIid Snake3742d ago

Jet Engine DVD Drive in 5.1 Channel surround sound next!


i guess they are trying to salvage some sort of HD feature after losing the format war. best of luck with last gen technology microsoft.

vitz33742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

"Upscaling" is just overrated BS. All it does is stretch a DVD's picture (720x480) to fill an HD screen. It doesn't magically insert more detail or make it comparable to real HD, it just scales it and blows up a low res (comparatively) picture.

Upscaling is a pointless feature, made to dupe idiots into thinking they're getting HD from their DVDs. My 4 year old panasonic DVD player out-upscales the PS3 and 360 easily. All it does it fill the screen.

See this thread for more info.

I like how one poster put it. "You can't polish a turd."

Screw upscaling and the marketing behind it.

HateBoy3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

WTF are these guys talking about? Hasn't the 360 been able to do this from the start through VGA? Or at least an early dashupdate? And then with hdmi incorporation through that? I don't know cus I use the ps3 to watch dvd's (and BD, daaa), it's so quiet in comparison to the loudbox.
And @mfwahwah: Actually as far as I know its a feature that was incorporated from firmware update 1.80. Here's a link:

robep33742d ago

360 dvd playback is not very good so does this mean it will be even easier to see it's not very good LOL!

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Angelitos3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

The PS3 been having this. Poor Xbots, and we get the best format drive - Bluray, and they still have a last gen format drive

MonkeyMan3742d ago

in defense of the xbox, DVD's are still going to be around for a long time.

Gilligan3742d ago

i have the HD DVD drive for the 360 so I don't need to worry about this.

i_eatbreakfast4lunch3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )


what are you going to watch on that drive?

nothing made recently or from now on ever!

lol @ HD-DVD

Gilligan3742d ago

I know. =(
But I wanted the remote and King Kong. And I have to have the latest tech. I am saddened by my bad purchase.

Monty_The_Great3742d ago

and you know the best part about it? HD-DVD's are cheaper than buying DVD's, at least wherever you can find them. Out here in CA you can find them still in Fry's and they are all under $15, while most are under $11. Doesn't do any good for new movies, but the classics that are available are great. I have 17 HD-DVD's and always looking to add to it.

Dino3742d ago

so I have a ps3 and I want a 360. is now the time to buy one? Have they fixed the rrod thing with this new iteration of the 360? If so sign me up.

SlaughterMeister3742d ago


That picture is disgusting!

ushman3742d ago

The 360 HD DVD drive upscales dvds also

Fototherapist3742d ago

supposedly this new 60gb sku will have the 65nm chipset, which will, theoretically, run a lot cooler and quieter. I know some other sku's supposedly had the Falcon chipset, but I don't know their failure rates. Personally, I'm waiting to get this new sku since my original 360 RRoD'd on me. I'm going to trade in the replacement M$ gave me (it sounds worse than my original). If this new sku doesn't work out, I think I'm done with this gen of M$ hardware.

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pizzas3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )


Altis13742d ago

It already upscales dvds if you use an HDMI cable.

PikkonX3742d ago

It also upscales through VGA.

BlackCountryBob3742d ago

If it already upscales by VGA and HDMI then how is this a new feature? I know the console comes with component cables but I thought that it was against the DVD association rules to allow upscale over component; if it already upscales over 2 of the 3 HD able connections and is not allowed to upscale by the third then surely this feature is already built in and has been for some time. Looks like some pretty desperate advertising by CircuitCity and equally poor journalism from that website.

Maybe they can report that the new 80gb PS3 comes with a built in hard drive or the Wii now features an SD card slot.

player9113742d ago

All 360's upscale with the normal DVD drive and using either the Component cables or HDMI.

Component and HDMI cables both provide the exact same image. HDMI is basically an evolved cable that includes all 5 inputs (blue, red, green, left audio channel, right audio channel).

This is not a new feature.