Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 Causes Suicide? Many of us have been severly let down by Square-Enix after their announcement that Final Fantasy XIII would be seeing a release on Xbox 360 but I doubt any of us have been hit as hard as this. Apparently a GameFAQs member has been contemplating suicide after this announcement.

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cloudman3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I hate Square for this. They proved they are a bunch of sell outs. They lied to us. i cant be loyal to them

In fact i gave up on gaming for now, i may quit altogether. i wont buy any games from Square ever again! Congratulations MS for runing my life as a loyal gamer!

Very few things will make me happy enough to game again. I dont know what effect FF7 remake will have on me. I have to experience it. Square have to announce FF7 and i may game again!!

*somone make a story out of this, guy sells all his Square games cus they made ff13 on xbox*

-i need more attention on this so i get maximum BIDS !

Jack Bauer3767d ago

i dont see how them making this game on the 360 affects PS3 gamers at all? are you really that selfish?

Tmac3767d ago

I wonder what Nintendo's thoughts were when SE started making games for Playstation.

Overr8ed3767d ago

i agree with Jack, i was a bit pissed off but committing suicide for it... that is just plain stupid. There are better things in life. turns out this guy had Aspergers syndrome.

Harry1903767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

remember what I told you in the forums. I was serious. I am happy you have gone back to better terms with FF7. I am very happy. And keep FF7 mate.This is gold.

cloudman3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

What, that you were going to break my legs if i Broke your precious FF7?

FF7 and FFX i think would be the only ones i wouldnt break in the video. My favourite FF games ever. I would have gone easy on the Squaresoft games had i broke them

- admit i even contemplated suicide back then, i was so SHOCKED and felt like i wasted my tme all these days..

but i would never do it. NEVER. I cant believe i told all my friends in the past how FF is the best and Square Enix are amazing! I take that back

La Chance3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

your post is just...
Im lost for words...

Maybe Im not like you pther guys but even if ALL 330 exclusives became PS3 exclusives , not multplat Im talking about PS3 EXCLUSIVE , I would just be shocked then get a PS3 and pack up my 360.

I wouldnt feel any hate or anything.I saw a whole lot of blogs pop up when FF13 went multilpat with people spitting their hate for MSFT.

Its just beyond me how you people get emotional about the cosole "war"

And people call me a fanboy all day long.

I dont have the slightest emotion for MSFT nor Sony.

Words cant express at what point MSFT and Sony are irrelevant to me.

Do you guys realise that youre almost NOTHING to them ? Just a customer , thats all.They are millions of customers out there to replace you in a second.

This story just makes me so sad , I just cant believe it...

Shroomy3767d ago




You PS3 owners are hardcore idiots, it won't affect your version at all, so why cry? the "xbots" giving you more than you can deal with? Boohoo!

Harry1903767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

comment sound so bad? PS3 owners? All of them? Seriously? So,if your dad decides to get you a PS3 next week you will become what you condemn? wooo.

pwnsause3767d ago


Mr Fancy Pants3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

this isn't your first account here so that means that you're emotionally connected to something here cuz if you weren't you wouldn't be here commenting.

ElementX3767d ago

Someone break out that Kleenex tissue link for Cloud. I dunno what it is but it's funny sh!t.

CyberSentinel3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Dude, don't take things so serious. Look at me, am I a fanboy, sure.
Do I really hate Sony or Nintendo? No. Do I hate PS3 owners? Not at all. It's all in good fun. I come here to get some news, state my opinion once in awhile, and thats it.
It's NEVER really personal.

Deep down were all gamers, and that's the bottom line.
Don't do something you will regret later on.
Keep your games.

If you feel like talking to someone you can PM me anytime you want.

AngryTypingGuy3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Good, I'm glad. Don't play games again, because a company who never pledged to be exclusive in the first place decided to do the right thing for business. Square Enix isn't the first or the last to do this.

Anyone who gives up games or contemplates suicide because of this needs serious help. I mean honestly. If Sony bought the rights to every MS exclusive, I wouldn't cry about it. I'd just buy a PS3 and enjoy it.

Petitions, suicide notes, contemplating quitting playing video games...Sony fanboys are the biggest douche sissies ever, and their actions speak for themselves.

GiantEnemyCrab3767d ago

"Petitions, suicide notes, contemplating quitting playing video games...Sony fanboys are the biggest douche sissies ever, and their actions speak for themselves."

hah I always said it, the biggest group of mental fanboys to ever grace consoles ever. Their sense of entitlement is beyond crazy and it reminds me of a 3year old screaming "IT'S MINE, IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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toughNAME3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I hope things don't get deadly once God of War III comes.

Ben10543767d ago

if this is real and everybody's calling him a moron thats a bit harsh,

10comments in 0mins WOW

HighDefinition3767d ago

Sad and Confusing @ the sametime. What a shame, in multiple ways.

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La Chance3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

But this just shows how all this fanboy thing can just get WAY out of hand.

This guy must have no reason for living aside from Sony.

He replaced God with Sony.

VERY VERY sad indeed.I actualy feel sad for this guy , honestly.Its just terrible...


EDIT : to those who are disgreeing , I would have said the same if it were a 360 fanboy.
If youre disagreeing for another reason then I guess you must be just like this guy.In that case I just hope ou guys realise how unimportant this whole console "war" is and how much Sony and MSFT couldnt care less about you guys.

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mistertwoturbo3767d ago

No, Sony doesn't just own the God of War games. They ARE the god of war games. That's what makes a 1st party exclusive game. Meaning, 80 years from now, people can still look back and see that God of War III is a PS3 exclusive.

mikeslemonade3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Toughname knows full will that couldn't happen. His sole intention was to post a controversial comment first to try to stir things up. If he wants to play that way we can to.

Physically the 360 can't even handle God of War if it really does look like CG. The 360 can only make good looking games from the unreal engine 3 and whatever COD4 does. The God of War engine is going to be proprietary.

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Alvadr3767d ago

Come on guys this is obviously a hoax. It makes no sense, maybe if FFXIII was cancelled then he would have a reason for suicide.

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Somnus3767d ago

As much as "Man beats kid over Halo 3 defeat" was. It's mostly to show how pathetic some people can be, even when the game is coming out for their console still.

DarkBlade3767d ago

It news but no game is worth killing yourself over. Because you'll never play it.

UnSelf3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

that was freakin hilarious. BUBBLES!!!

TapiocaMilkTea3767d ago

Not surprised, there are many people in this world and some think in the weirdest way.

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Wildarmsjecht3767d ago

If this is even true, or just another attempt at internet notoriety is the question really. But on the off chance that it is true, it's both sad and a testament as to how serious some people take video games/entertainment.

I think it would happen for say..Halo on another platform, or Mario on another platform. I'm sure there were some Sega nuts after their downfall.

RemmM3767d ago

Dude, you only need a PHEONIX DOWN! Mega Pheonix Down is for multiple deaths LOL!

Heaven_Or_Hell3767d ago

What a great piece of Bullshit...