WhatIfGaming E3 '08: Killzone 2 Preview: Insuperable

WhatIfGaming writes: "Killzone 2 is capable of making anyone athirst for it's raw gameplay power and brilliance. Set after the events of the first iteration, Killzone 2 follows the story of an ISA Alpha squad leader named Sev through the lurid soils of the battlefield. This time, the war is taken to the planets that the Helghast take as shelter and call home, bringing about a deluge of vengeful retribution and convivial glory to camaraderie in unity. Killzone 2 plays seamlessly in our preview, and does a great job at it."

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sandip7873741d ago

looks like we're in for a treat when this hits!

cmrbe3741d ago

GG learned for KZ1 which i actually enjoyed and my personal rating of 8. Due to the hype surrounding this game it will perhaps going to be the most nip-ticked game of all time but screw what people will say. I didn't listen to what reviewrs were saying about KZ1 and boutght it and enjoyed it much.

Liberation was a big imporvement and i expect nothing less from KZ2.

Bathyj3741d ago

I loved KZ1 as well. No other shooter (except maybe the beach landing in the very first MoH) really captured that feeling of chaos and that you weren't in control. In other words, WAR.

I love that you rifle over anything other that short range wasn't 100% accurate either. Bombs were going off, you were being shot at, and your rifle wavered a little making shooting straight a real skill of timing. Popping that round at just the right point. Anyone right into KZ1 will know what I mean. I'm only disappointed I heard know more secondary fire modes, as the helghast rifle, emptying that drull clip and then finishing with the undersung shotty round was Christmas on a stick. Ditto the silence pistol that could go full automatic if you suddenly found yourself sprung and outgunned.

Those things aside, I'm sure there plenty extra to make this game top notch. The dynamic AI and environments is something I've been trying to get across to people for a while. Even in KZ1 I would replay sections over and over again and they would alway come out different. And this game will crap all over that.

Yes Halo will always just be consumed by the masses and all its faults overlooked, while this game will be under the most powerful of microscopes, but I think Halo 1 was the best in the series, while this franchise as good as it already is, is just finding its legs now.

shazam3741d ago

I will die if i don't get this game

QuackPot3741d ago

than KZ1 which was an average game at best - but still enjoyable.

KZ1 averaged at least 3 stars out of 5 with obvious shortcomings. Those shortcomings can and have easily been fixed for KZ2 - still so, so on linear gameplay in SP, though.

So anything less than 4 stars out of 5 would be outrageous.

This will definitely be a mega hit for the Ps3.

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THC CELL3741d ago

game of the year 2009 nuff said

thereapersson3741d ago

"The audio in Killzone 2 is purely phenomenal. Thanks to our vast knowledge of hardware reviews regarding sound, we can tell easily when a 48KHz sound is transfigured to sound like something else, and when sneaky tactics are being used to replay the sound in a different pitch for a different scale in the environment. Killzone 2 rest assured puts the sounds at equal expectations to that of the rest of the game itself. Every gun has a unique sound, and even under different situations the sound changes. The overall volume of sounds form a plethora of increased value and makes Killzone 2 an attractive audible piece."

I would say that this is a good showpiece for the abilities of Blu Ray to handle more dynamic environments and sound.

mistertwoturbo3741d ago

Sound, the biggest most overlooked thing in video games today. Glad that KZ2 is making this one of their priorities.

lil Titan3741d ago

your pretty much a Certified Hater if you say this game is wack

mfwahwah3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

saaaaaaaame. I'm going to use that word tomorrow somehow... probably to describe KZ2 ^.^

EDIT: This is meant for the guy's comment under me. I misclicked :'(

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